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MessageSujet: Histoires The Clone Wars d'Embo007    Histoires The Clone Wars d'Embo007  EmptyJeu 7 Juin 2012 - 19:08

J'ai récemment écrit 4 histoires sur l'époque de la guerre des clones, j'en suis sur l'écriture d'une cinquième.
Je les ai écrits en anglais car c'était pour les envoyer à Dave Filoni et les poster sur les forums US ( ce que j'ai d'ailleurs fait ) donc elles sont anglais et une traduction en français n'est pas prévue.
Donc pour ceux qui comprennent l'anglais les voici :


The events take place in 21BBY between Star Wars Episode II Attack Of The Clones and Star Wars Episode III Revenge Of The Sith.
The clone troopers have their armor phase II.


On Jabiim
Two months ago, the High Jedi Council had sent Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi on Jabiim. The separatists had launched an assault on this planet allied to the Republic for more than five hundred years. The Galactic Republic thought this battle would be win easier only that's not what happened. The people of Jabiim had divided, Sampakar had joined the separatists and had gathered millions of Jabiimis in his cause. He and his forces fast took the advantage over the Republic pushing the High Jedi Council sent additional reinforcements. Ahsoka Tano, the padawan of Anakin Skywalker, was sent as reinforcement with Plo Koon and his hundred fourth Wolfpack. This additional reinforcement did not change the situation of the battle, nobody saw the end of this battle. Both sides were at equality, nobody had the advantage. The Republic had established a big camp where clones and Jabiimis allied of the Republic sheltered because all the cities of the planet were destroyed.

8 AM, the thunder rumbled on Jabiim and it rained ceaselessly for three days on the planet transforming the ground into mud. A clap of thunder made Anakin Skywalker waking up. He took his cape with hood and went out of his tent.
-Come on ! When all of this will stop ? Anakin muttered.
Obi-Wan Kenobi joined him, he wore a cape with hood too.
-Well, Anakin, I see that you still love this planet, he says with irony.
-Indeed master, I would love to live here for the rest of my life. And which comfort, to sleep in tents in fragments because admiral Yularen didn't still return with transports to build an outpost, the young jedi knight answered by laughing.
-Go to eat something and join me at the command center.
Anakin went to a big tent with a symbol of the Republic on it, it was the mess hall. He entered inside, there were some clones and Jabiimis who ate. The young jedi seized a tray and taken some biscuits and a sandwich of butter, he sat down next to Jesse, a clone trooper of the 501st legion.
-How are you this morning general ? the clone asked.
-Always so badly, I hope all of this will end soon. I hate this planet without counting the food we eat … everything is rotten here !
-Ah, ah, ah ! No news of the admirals Yularen and Coburn ?
-No news. All of this is worrying. By hoping that the scouts left yesterday evening for the enemy camp will bring back good news.
Obi-Wan Kenobi, Plo Koon, Ahsoka Tano and the captain Rex were around the holographic table in the tent of the command center. They were in communication with Mace Windu and Yoda.
-What is the situation ? Mace asked.
-Unfortunately, still the same. Our forces diminish and the admirals Yularen and Coburn didn't still come back from the space station at three parsecs from Jabiim, Obi-Wan explained.
-Concerning your admirals, they were delayed, our space station has been destroyed by the separatists. They have to go to another station far away from Jabiim, Mace answered.
-Hmm, bad news, I don't know if we will be able to hold for a long time. Our supplies aren't high and it's very difficult to sleep in the tents that we installed. Our troops are tired, master Plo answered.
-Hmm, difficult this battle is. But won it can be, to keep hope you have to until the arrival of reinforcements, Yoda says slowly.
-Reinforcements ? Ahsoka asked.
-Yes, master Tiin and Koth on the way are, in two days they will arrive, Yoda answered by smiling.
-This is what I call good news, Rex declared who held his helmet in his hands.

Anakin Skywalker entered the tent of the command center, the conversation with master Windu and Yoda had just finished. Obi-Wan turned by smiling to his friend.
-Another two days to hold and we will have reinforcements, Obi-Wan announced.
-Well, we have to be able to hold two days without being killed.
-We will.
The small group heard a noise of a Republic gunship which landed.
-It must be our scouts, Ahsoka says.
The group got out of the tent and saw the commander Wolffe went out of the gunship with two clones.
-Four MTT escorted by nine AAT whose on of them is Sampakar's tank. They make for us, Wolffe answered by removing his helmet.
-We have to go to the wall of cannon, we will wait for them over there, Plo Koon declared.

The wall of cannon was located on a hill beyond the high plains. The Republic had placed ten AV-7 mobile cannon, this was why we called it the wall of cannon. Two LAAT/i dropped Anakin, Obi-Wan, Ahsoka, Plo Koon, Rex, Wolffe, Sinker, Boost, Comet on this hill. The commander Cody and sergeant Appo waited for them.
-General Kenobi, we have Sampakar and his troopers in our field of vision, they are far away in front of us but they do not move, Cody explained.
-Hmm, interesting, Obi-Wan answered intrigued by smoothing his beard.
-It is probably a trap, we should be suspicious, master Plo answered intrigued.

Far away in front of the hill was held the commander Sampakar and his armored tank. Sampakar was a black man whith black short hair. He wore blue paints with black boots, pullover with a brown jacket and a blue cape. He turned to his tactical droid.
-Send our first waves of droids, it should occupy them one moment, the time that the rest of our troops passes the hills, Sampakar said with a machiavellian smile.
-Roger, roger, the droid answered.
The droid pressed a button of his AAT and the doors of the MTT opened by deploying battle droids and super battle droids.

On the wall of cannon, commander Cody observed the scene, he turned to his general.
-General ! The droids are in movement !
-Fire at will ! Obi-Wan answered.
The heavy cannons fired on the droids which fell in pieces little by little.
-It looks like they didn't understand that their forces cannot cross our wall, Anakin said by laughing.

At the bottom of the hills surrounding the plains of Jobreth, 4 MTT, two battalions of super battle droids, four battalions of battle droids, 4 OG-9 homing spider droids and 3 octuptarra droids went toward the camp of the Republic.

At the wall of cannon, new waves of droids went towards the artillery which destroyed them again. After three waves of assault, the droids stopped moving. Anakin turned to Obi-Wan.
-Do you understand their game ? the young jedi asked.
-No, it's curious, Obi-Wan answered intrigued.

The octuptarra droids at the bottom of the hills began to fire on the camp of the Republic destroying several tents. The battalions of droids charged at the clones and republican Jabiimis. Jesse went out of the tent of the mess hall.
-Go ! Go ! Stop these pans ! Jesse shouted.
Two Turbo Tanks turned toward the droids and fired on the octuptarra. 4 AT-TE fired on the droids which moved. Tup went out of the tent of the weapons depot with a Z-6 blaster rotary cannon.
-It's going to be hot ! shouted Tup.
Tup fired on the battle droids, he destroyed few of them.

At the level of the wall of cannon, the AAT and MTT charged at clones. The AV-7 mobile cannons riposted when the comlink of Anakin sounded. He pressed the comlink with his finger.
-General, the droids attack the camp by the hills ! shouted Jesse.
-Push them back ! I arrive ! Anakin answered.
The jedi turned to Obi-Wan.
-It really was a trap !
Obi-Wan turned to master Plo.
-I go with Anakin to the camp, you stay here to finish with Sampakar, Obi-Wan explained.
-May the force be with you ! master Plo answered.

An octuptarra droid touched by a Turbo Tank collapsed on the tent of the mess hall. Boil went out of the tent inextremis. 4 MTT deployed their battle droids at the same moment 10 STAP piloted by commando droids penetrated the battlefield firing at clones and republican Jabiimis. Jesse and Tup followed by two Jabiimis charged at the super battle droids which went to the tent of the weapons depot. The Turbo Tanks rushed in the middle of the camp crushing all the droids on their way. A super battle droid sergeant launched a missile which blew up a tent, the clone trooper Hanx was thrown in the air and fell on the ground some meters farther, he did not get up. Sergeant Coric from the 501st legion ran towards him.
-A doctor ! I need a doctor here ! shouted Coric.

In the wall of cannon, the separatists had been overcome, Sampakar went out the rests of his AAT and escaped without the clones noticed it. Plo Koon got on a LAAT/i with Sinker, Boost, Comet and Wolffe.
-Ahsoka ! Send clones to see if Sampakar has survived !
-Alright master Plo, answered the Togruta.
The gunship removed.

In the camp of the Republic, a gunship put down Anakin, Obi-Wan, Rex and Appo. They joined the battle. Kix transported Hanx toward the tent of the infirmary. The shootings came from everywhere. Four droidekas fanned out and fired on Anakin and Obi-Wan, both jedi warded the shootings with their lightsabers when an AT-TE destroyed those droidekas. Another one LAAT/i arrived and put down on the battlefield Plo Koon, Wolffe, Boost, Sinker and Comet.
-Wolffe take care of spider droids ! master Plo ordered.
-Immediayely sir ! Sinker, Boost, Comet with me ! Wolffe said.
The four clones rushed toward the four spider droids. On of the droid destroyed an AT-TE. Wolffe launched a grenade on one of the droids which exploded. Captain Rex made himself way through the battlefield with sergeant Appo at the same time two Turbo Tanks destroyed the MTT. Ten AT-RT piloted by AT-RT drivers arrived on the battlefield by destroying the last super battle droids. Anakin beheaded a commander droid and turned toward his former master.
-Master, I'm going to take care of the last octuptarra droid !
Anakin jumped on one of the three legs of the droid then from there he jumped on the dome of the droid and he pushed in his lightsaber there. The octuptarra droid fell on the muddy ground of Jabiim.
-Well done Anakin ! Obi-Wan said by laughing.
Rex joined the jedi.
-My general, the separatists beat a retreat ! Rex declared.
Indeed, the battle droids ran as rats toward the hills. Anakin and Obi-Wan put out their lightsabers and Rex removed his helmet.
-What are our losses Rex ? Anakin asked.
-We don't have anymore supplies, the mess hall have been destroyed. We lost two AT-TE, four AT-RT with their pilots. We have fifty troopers injured and thirty dead of whom ten Jabiimis, Rex announced by lowering his head.
-He will have to hold two days without eating and without drinking or using the supplies of our gear. We were able to avoid the worst at the level of our human losses. It is necessary to reorganize the camp and to wait the arrival of the reinforcements, Anakin answered confident.
-Inded my general, the captain answered.
-If I may, we imposed a heavy defeat to the separatists, they are weakened. It would be good to try to deal them the final blow by launching a frontal assault on their camp, Obi-Wan added by smoothing his beard.
-I agree, Plo insisted by arriving with commander Wolffe.
-Gather our troops for an immediate departure on the enemy territory ! Obi-Wan answered.

Commander Sampakar reached the separatist camp. It was the structure of a separatist's outpost that had been installed and around tents in a pathetic state. Sampakar entered in the outpost and advanced toward TA-89, the tactical droid of the outpost.
-TA-89 when general Grievous and his troops will arrive ? Sampakar asked irritated.
-In few hours, the droid answered.
Sampakar threw incomprehensible insults against the Republic.

The troops of the Republic had left their camp and had arrived at the wall of cannon. The AV-7 mobile cannon were ready to move. Obi-Wan was in the trapdoor of observation of one of the eight Turbo Tanks, commander Cody got in it. Cody went in the main room where was Anakin, Plo Koon, Ahsoka, Rex, Wolffe, Sharkan commander of the republican Jabiimis, Obi-Wan joined them. Sharkan was a white man almost fifty years old, he had brown and short hair, he made almost the size of a clone – one meter eighty three. He wore a beige gear with a brown jacket.
-The heavy cannons will stay behind and will fire at the first lins of droids so that we would be able to have a passage for the rest of our troops. The eight Turbo Tanks will destroy the biggest droids units, meanwhile, I will enter with the Wolfpack in the outpost. The ten AT-TE and the rest of the troops will take care of the rest, Plo Koon explained.
-Well, may the force be with us ! Obi-Wan added.

The commander Sampakar and TA-89 spoke inside the separatist outpost.
-Prepare all of our troops for a new assault, the Jabiimi announced.
-Roger, roger.

The troops of the Republic had just reached the plains where the separatist camp was. It was the night on Jabiim, it rained again and the thunder was stronger than the morning, more threatening. The storm was here. Ten heavy cannons were in front of the separatist troops. The Turbo Tanks, the AT-TE, the AT-RT, the swamp speeders, BARC speeders, clones, Jabiimis, all were in position. The republican Jabiimis troopers wore khaki clothes and green helmets. In front of them the droids were also ready. Six MTT, sixteen AAT, ten octuptarra droids, ten spider droids, ten battalions of super battle droids, two battalions of commando droids, twenty five battalions of Jabiimis and ten battalions of battle droids were held in front of the outpost. Obi-Wan and Plo Koon were in the cockpit of one of the Turbo Tank.
-General, are you still sure to launch this assault ? One of the two clone pilots asked.
-Yes, it is probably our chance to finish it with the separatists on Jabiim. It is time, master Plo answered seriously and serenely.

Sampakar was in the front line and watched the Republic's troops when he turned slowly toward his men for a speech.
-Dear Jabiimis, dear brothers, today, today, we will defeat the Republic and Jabiim won't be anymore under the influence of this republican dictatorship ! Today, we will be free my brothers ! Death ! Death to the Republic ! Send these filthy animals in the hell ! Sampakar declared with hatred.
The Jabiimis applauded all together the speech of their leader. The separatists Jabiimis wore a brown gear with an armor, white epaulettes and a white helmet. Their helmets had an orange visor and a orange symbol.
-Fire at will ! Sampakar shouted.
At tthis moment, all the AAT, the OG-9 homing spider droids and octuptarra droids fired on the enemy troops.

The AV-7 mobile cannons riposted by firing. Several separatists tanks exploded and several clones were killed by the AAT. Sampakar drew his electrostaff.
-Charge ! he shouted.
The Jabiimis and droids pounced on the Republic. The jedi drew their lightsabers and pounced on the separatists with clones and Jabiimis. Turbo Tanks made for the enemy. The cannons fired ceaselessly on the separatists, the AAT joined Sampakar ? Six MTT deployed their supr battle droids, droidekas and battle droids. The battle raged. Both sides underwent losses but the Republci had the advantage, Turbo Tanks moved toward the separatists running over them. Sampakar was escorted by six guards and killed lots of clones on their passage. Anakin and Ahsoka cut droids little by little accompanied by Rex. Boil was at the head of a squad of BARC speeder who destroyed droidekas. Obi-Wan and Cody led the Ghost company on the battlefield. The Turbo Tanks reached the walls of the outpost, they attacked the MTT. Plo Koon and the Wolfpack took out of the Turbo Tanks. The Kel Dor master jumped and reached the ramparts of the outpost, he was joined by his clones who used their jetpacks. They quickly destroyed the droids of the outpost. The AT-TE moved forward escorted by the swamp speeders. The octuptarra droids fired on the walkers. One of those walkers collapsed on the ground erasing several clone troopers. Tup who was not far away from the walker exclaimed :
-A doctor ! I need a doctor !
Kix, a bag in the back, arrived with Hal, another clone doctor.
-Tup, cover us the time we check if there are survivors, Kix explained.
-Alright, the clone answered.
Tup went in the front of the destroyed AT-TE and fired at all the droids who approached it. Kix and Hal checked if there were injured clones.
-Help ! Help ! Please, help ! a clone shouted.
His legs had been crushed by the walker so he was wedged. Kix and Hal ran up toward him.
-Don't worry, we are going to take you out of this ! Kix said.
-He must lift this part of the walker to take him out of here, Hal proposed.
-No, it's impossible, go inside and get a saw in the toolbox, it is the only way we have.
-Alright boss, the clone doctor answered.
Kix put on his knees and removed the helmet of the clone.
-You won't cut my legs ? the anxious injured clone asked.
-We'll try to saw the part of the walker which crushes your legs, if we fail, we won't have choice, we will ahve to cut your … your .. legs, sorry, Kix answered sadly.
Boro, Hil and Joc joined Tup to protect the injured clones.

Plo Koon and the Wolfpack had just taken the enemy outpost, the jedi master contacted Obi-Wan.
-The outpost have been captured, we can use it for the injured troopers, the jedi explained.
-Alright, outside it's still the mess.
At the same moment, Anakin and Ahsoka launched an assault on the Jabiimi's camp with the help of the Torrent company led by Rex. Six droidekas appeared in the middle of the camp. Clones and the two jedi hid behind tents. Anakin made a sign to Rex who turned toward sergeant Coric. The sergeant took a missile launcher and disintegrated the six droids.
-Go ! Go, go ! Rex shouted.
Clones charged at the separatists Jabiimis who went out of the tents.

Kix and Hal succeeded to get the injured clone of the AT-TE, they placed him on a stretcher.
-Tup, continue to cover us, we have to take him under cover, Kix ordered.
-The outpost ! They have just secured it, Tup answered.
-Alright, go head ! the doctor added.
The small group made for the outpost.

Sampakar fought in the hand-to-hand Sharkan, they gave themselves punches and kicks. Both had their face in blood. Sampakar gave a headbutt to his opponent then a punch in the stomach and seized him by the hair to bring him down. Exhausted, Sharkan lay on the muddy ground.
-Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah ! Dear brother, I'm going to give you a last chance. Tell you troops to surrender and I let you alive, Sampakar said by sniggering.
-Never ! Never, I won't let you destroy Jabiim ! Sharkan answered by trying to get up but his brother put him down with a kick in the head.
Sampakar drew a dagger. Derevaun, the son of Sharkan, saw the scene and rushed to his father to save him. Sampakar saw his nephew arrived, he turned to one of his guard.
-Take care of him !
-Yes sir ! the Jabiimi answered with a neutral tone.
The guard charged at Derevaun and gave him a right hook. The young man spat some blood. Meanwhile, Sharkan had seized a blaster and fired in the leg of his brother who fell on the ground.
-Aaaaah ! Bastard ! Sampakar shouted.
He had a hand on his injured leg. He gave to Sharkan a blow of dagger and disarmed him. At the same moment, Derevaun killed the guard but two other separatists fell upon him and beat him with kicks. Cody and Obi-Wan arrived just in time to save Derevaun. However, Sampakar sliced the throat of his brother, Sharkan was on the ground, his hands on his throat. His son rushed toward him. Obi-Wan Kenobi used the Force to tackle Sampakar on the ground. Derevaun was on his knees in front of his father in tears.
-Dad, don't leave me.
His father seizes the hand of his son and looked at him for the last time. Cody attached Sampakar with hancuffs while Obi-Wan tried to raise Derevaun who cried on the body of his dead father.
-He's dead ! It's finished, he won't come back ! Obi-Wan shouted.
-No ! No ! I won't leave him here !
-We have to ! We will get his body after the battle !
-Noooooooooooooo !
Derevaun fell again beside his father.
-Your father wouldn't want Jabiim to fall donw into the separatists hands. So we have to fight and leave him here ! Obi-Wan said.
Derevaun turned toward the jedi master.

Kix, Hal, Tup, Boro, Hil, Joc and the injured clone had reached the outpost which was filled up with injured clones and Jabiimis.
-There are lots of injured ! Tup said surprised.
-Indeed, Kix answered.
The two clone doctors put down the injured clone in the outpost.

The sun rises on Jabiim whereas the battle still raged. Two fo the AT-TE were in front of the entry of the outpost to protect it. All the MTT have been destroyed. Anakin and Ahsoka had captured the Jabiimi's camp.

In the space around Jabiim, a separatist fleet composed of 2 separatist supply ship, 4 Trade Federation battleships, 6 Banking Clan frigates, 2 Commerce Guild destroyer and one Providence-class destroyer emerged the hyperspace. General Grievous was on the bridge of the Providence-class destroyer.
-Send the Hyena bombers first, then we will disembark our ground units, Grievous declared by adressing to the neimoidian captain.
-Yes sir.
Suddenly, tens of Hyena bombers took out of the separatists ships and went to the planet.

On the surface of the planet, Obi-Wan made Sampakar load in an AT-TE when the noise of Hyena bombers rang. The jedi raised his head toward the sky and saw the bombs took out from the enemy bombers.
-Look out ! Obi-Wan shouted terrified.
-Ah ! My reinforcements have arrived ! the separatist said by sniggering.
The battlefield caught fire when the bombs reached the ground. It created the panic on both sides. Some Turbo Tanks have been destroyed and the outpost was almost in ruin. Suddenly, almost twenty C-9979 landing ship arrived and bombers made a second passage by killing many clones and republic Jabiimis. The first landing craft deployed tens of super battle droids and battle droids. One of the landign craft deployed two defoliator escorted by four AAT. Anakin saw the two defoliator, so turned toward Rex.
-Destroy those defoliator immediately ! the jedi shouted.
-Yes sir.
Rex and a group of clones went to the defoliators but those had already fired by erasing many clones and Jabiimis.

In the outpost, Plo Koon made evacuate the injured with commander Wolffe.
-We must put them in the Turbo Tanks which will bring them to our camp ! Plo Koon ordered.
Suddenly, commando droids penetrated into the outpost. The Kel Dor master drew his lightsaber and rushed toward them.

Obi-Wan went out the AT-TE with Sampakar just in time. This walker exploded. General Grievous faced Obi-Wan.
-Ah, the negotiator ! It's such a pleasure to see you again ! Grievous exclaimed by coughing.
-Grievous !
Obi-Wan released Sampakar and drew his lightsaber and engaged the fight with the general.

The Republic was submerged by the separatist forces. Anakin ordered the retreat of his troops.
-We withdraw ! We withdraw now ! Anakin shouted.
Clones and republican Jabiimis went to the camp of the Republic. Rex and his group had destroyed the first defoliator but the second continued to massacre everything on their passage. The panic reigned over the battlefield.

Sampakar had taken advantage of the fight to run away. Obi-Wan cut one of the hand of Grievous and used the Force to throw him in the iar. The time Grievous get up, Obi-Wan had already ran away.

Rex was about to get on Trubo Tank when this one exploded. The clone was thrown in the air and fell on the rest of commando droids. Kix helped him to get up.
-Boss, it's not the time to give up ! Kix said.

Anakin and Ahsoka got on two abandoned BARC speeder. Boil joined them with his BARC speeder.

Hyena bombers fired at the Republic who tried to run away. All the AT-TE, mobile cannons, Turbo Tanks had been destroyed. On the way of the Republic camp, clones and Jabiimis were stopped by other separatists forces who came from the Republic camp. Obi-Wan turned toward Plo Koon.
-The caves of the mountains ! We have to go there where we hide the civilians, Obi-Wan ordered.
-Yes, we have no choice, the Kel Dor master added.
-In the caves ! We withdraw in the caves ! Wolffe declared quickly.
All the troops made for the caves of the mountains. The BARC speeder and AT-RT reached first the caves. The two jedi came down from their vehicles.
-We will cover, the rest of our troops the time they go in the caves ! Anakin ordered.

Few minuts later, the first forces on foot reached the caves. Anakin welcomed them.
-Go ! Go ! We cover you ! the young jedi said.
All the troops reached the caves. The droids reached the entrance of the caves too but they were stopped by Anakin and the group of clones. The droids were alone without artillery, the way to the caves was to small for the tanks. After a little moment, the droids beat a retreat.
-They withdraw ! said a clone.
-Yes … but they will come back very soon. Stay here with the group to protect the entrance of the caves, Anakin answered.
Anakin went in the caves and joined Obi-Wan, Plo Koon and Ahsoka.
-What are our losses ? he asked.
-We have not artillery anymore. There are 900 dead clones, 1000 dead Jabiimis, 55 injured who survived, Plo Koon answered saddened.
-We will have to hold one day before the reinforcements arrive. I think it will be very difficult, Anakin remarked.
-Indeed, but we have the advantage ! The droids cannot attack us with the artillery, the way to reach the caves is to small for it, Obi-Wan added by smoothing is beard.

Grievous and Sampakar were in the middle of the rest of their outpost.
-General, the caves are an obstacle for our troops, the Republic has the advantage ! What is your solution ? Sampakar asked.
-It doesn't matter. We will break them !
-How ?
-We will send our flamethrower droids and our super battle droid with missile launcher, they will destroy everything on their passage. It will create panic inside the caves. So at this moment we will send all our droids to kill the survivors ! Grievous explained.
-Good, very good ! So … what do we wait to act ? Sampakar asked by smiling.

The troops of the Republic had lit campfire everywhere in the caves to have some light. Five squad of clones protected the two entrance of the caves. Derevaun was sat alone near a campfire near the North entrance of the cave. Anakin joined him and sat next to him.
-I'm sorry for you loss, Anakin said sadly.
-You don't have to be sorry Skywalker, I'm tired of people who tell me they are sorry for me. It won't bring him back, Derevaun answered irritated.
-You know … I know what is to live the loss of a parent, the young jedi said by smiling.
-Really ?
-Yes, really. It's not because I'm a jedi that I don't have parents. Well … mine are dead … at least my mother is dead … my father … I don't even know if I have a father. My mother is dead one year ago. I won't tell you it's easy to live with it everyday but you learn to turn the page and to move on, explained Anakin.
-Well … how did you turn the page ?
-With the time, you realize that you will have to turn the page and close the book. And one day, you will do it, you will do it when you'll fell it's the good time … I hope it's helping you, said Anakin by smiling.
-Not really … but it's console me … kind of.
-If you need to talk about it, come to see me, I would be glad to talk with you again.
-You're welcome, Anakin said by smiling.

Rex was at the North entrance of the caves, his helmet in the hand, with Ahsoka Tano and Jesse.
-It's too quiet, Jesse said.
-Yes, the separatists are planning something and it doesn't smell good, Ahsoka added.
-Yeah, I hope they will act after our reinforcement will arrive, Rex said by smiling.

During all the morning, the Republic did not hear any news from the separatists. During the afternoon, Anakin reunited Fives and Tup.
-You too go to find what the separatists are planning, Anakin explained.
-Yes sir, Fives said.

Two hours later, the two clones returned at the North entrance of the caves to bring the news to Anakin and Rex.
-General, they're coming back ! Thousands of droids ! Fives said.
-Right, all troops ready for the battle ! Anakin shouted.
-Immediately sir ! Rex answered.
-Tup ! Take the injured in the center of the caves with the civilians, the young jedi ordered.

Anakin joined his former master inside the caves.
-Well master, they're back.
-Yes, you and Ahsoka go to protect the North entrance and master Plo and me will protect the South entrance, Obi-Wan explained.

The flamethrower droids and super battle droids with missile launcher almost reached both entrances of the caves. South troops were led by Grievous and North troops by Sampakar.

In the center of the caves, Rex left Hanx with the civilians and the others injured troopers.
-Good luck captain, said Hanx.

At the South entrance, Wooley, Trapper, Crys, Boil, Cody, Comet, Wolffe, Boost, Sinker, Plo Koon, Obi-Wan Kenobi and many clone troopers and republican Jabiimis were waiting for the separatist assault. Suddenly four missiles provoked a big explosion which killed many clones including Wooley.
-No ! Wooley ! Crys shouted.
Many super battle droids with missile launcher arrived and fired on the Republic and killed many clones and Jabiimis.
-Boil ! Grenades ! Obi-Wan shouted.
Boil launched two grenades on the droids but it was not enough. The flamethrower droids arrived and killed lots of Jabiimis.
-They are too strong for us, Plo said.

At the North entrance, the battle was difficult for Anakin and his troops too. The droids were inside the caves and the Republic troops were on the lake of the cave but they had the advantages here.

In the South, the Republic troops went to the high columns of the cave because they were not able to contain the droids at the entrance.
-We have to hold our positions ! Obi-Wan explained.
-I agree but it will be difficult, they force us to go deeper in the caves with their missiles and flames, Plo answered.
-We have to destroy them quickly !

After the super battle droids with missile launcher came the droidekas.
-Droidekas ! Coric said.
Attie took a missile launcher and fired on them, he destroyed many of them but not all of those droids.
Anakin and Ahsoka took care of the rest of the droidekas. The flamethrower droids were almost destroy but thousands of super battle droids and battle droids got inside the caves with separatists Jabiimis led by Sampakar. Sampakar killed many republican Jabiimis soldiers. Derevaun charged at his uncle.

General Grievous escorted by ten magnaguards, they killed many clones. Plo and Obi-Wan came to face him.
-Ah jedi !
Grievous used his four arms and engaged the fight against the jedi.

Derevaun was fighting his uncle but his enemy took the advantage, Sampakar drew a blaster pistol, Derevaun was on the ground without weapons. Sampakar fired on him but at the same time Del came between them and took the bullet on his stomach. The clone fell down on the ground. Derevaun took this time to pick up a blaster pistol and fired on his uncle. Sampakar took a bullet on the head. The young man pounced on the injured clone.
-I couldn't let you die, you're the son of the Jabiimis leader …, Del said.
-... Del, no, I was able to get out of his situation.
-No, you needed … my help.
Rex arrived.
-Oh no …, he said.
-Hey … captain ! Del added.
-You need a doctor.
-Even with a doctor, he won't survive, Derevaun answered.
-Win the … battle … good … goodbye, Del said before he died.
-We lost a great soldier, Rex added sadly.
Two droidekas charged at them.

Obi-Wan cut a hand of Grievous and Plo cut an arm of the general.
-Help me ! Grievous shouted.
Five IG-100 magnaguards attacked the jedi, Grievous got out of the caves.
Cody destroyed super battle droids with Trapper.

Anakin and his forces were pushing away the separatists from the caves. With Sampakar dead, the separatist Jabiimis lost their faith in the victory.
-We win ! We win ! Attie shouted.
-It's not over yet, be careful ! Anakin answered.

In the South, the Republic was in difficulties.
-We have to go more deeper in the caves ! We have no choice, Cody said to his general.
-I have an idea, we could divide our troops. One part will go at the second lake and the other part will go deeper in the caves.
-I like it.
Obi-Wan turned toward the Kel Dor jedi master.
-I go with my troops at the lake !
-So I go deeper ! Plo said.

The separatists troops were at the North entrance of the caves. Anakin, Ahsoka and their troops were holding their positions.
-Well, I hope in the South, it's the same situation, Ahsoka said by smiling.
-I hope so, Anakin added.

Plo Koon and the Wolfpack were almost in the center of the caves when the droids arrived. Thousands and thousands battle droids. The clones and Jabiimis fired on them but the droids arrived ceaselessly.
-We're lost, Wolffe said.
-Not yet ! Plo added by cutting droids.

Suddenly in the North entrance, fifty droidekas arrived and took the advantage on the Republic. They killed Ross and Joc. Fives was hurt at the shoulder.
-Are you alright ? Tup asked.
-Don't worry for me, the most important thing is to destroy the droidekas.
But more droidekas arrived and even with missile launchers clones and republican Jabiimis were not able to destroy the droids.
-They are too strong and they are too many, Rex said.
-We have to withdraw ! Anakin answered.
-All troopers at the lake ! sergeant Appo shouted.

In the second lake, Obi-Wan and his troops had pushed away the separatists forces so they joined Plo and his forces to help them.
-It's good to see you master Kenobi ! Plo said.

In the North lake, the Republic troops held their positions. Rex fired on droids. Attie used again his missile launcher to destroy some droidekas. Nax and sergeant Boomer took a missile launcher too to destroy more droidekas.
-Well, I have support ! It's good ! Attie said.
-You're welcome Attie ! Boomer replied.
Anakin and Ahsoka cut some battle droids together. Derevaun was with Tup and Fives, they fired on the super battle droids who came to them.

It was the night on Jabiim and the situation was still the same. In the North, the sergeant Kano led a group of ten clones with backpacks on the West flank of the enemy.
-Troopers, launch the grenades ! Kano shouted.
The group of clones took grenades from their backpacks and launched them on the separatists.
-Charge ! Kano added.
The sergeant and his troopers charget at the enemy.

Plo cut in half a separatist Jabiimi and then used the Force against four droidekas. Sinker and Boost came to help him.
-It's almost two days right ? Boost asked.
-So … our reinforcements …
-They will arrive soon, Plo Koon answered.

Kano and his squad were surrounded by droids and separatist Jabiimis, Anakin saw the scene so turned toward his padawan.
-Ahsoka ! We have to help him ! Anakin shouted.
The two jedi destroyed all the droids on their way and joined Kano and the two survivors of his squad.
-Come on ! We cover you ! Anakin declared.
-Yes, sir !
Kano and the rest of his squad ran away and joined the rest of the Republic troops. Anakin and his padawan arrived few seconds later.
-Well, this kind of little assault wasn't a good idea, Anakin said.
-We have to hold until the reinforcements arrived, that's all we can do, Kano answered.
-I think you're right Kano.

In the space of Jabiim, The Spirit of the Republic with two others Venator-class destroyers and five Pelta-class frigates came out from the hyperspace. Yularen and Coburn were in the bridge of The Spirit of the Republic.
-Well, it's a very bad news, they have reinforcements, Coburn declared.
-Yes but our reinforcements should arrive in few seconds, Yularen added.

In the separatist flagship, the neimoidian captain talked to the tactical droid who was there.
-Send all the droid fighters and contact general Grievous to tell him what is happening.
-Roger, roger.

Five Venator-class destroyer, four Republic assault ship, six Republic frigate and two Republic light cruiser emerged from the hyperspace. It was Saesee Tiin and Eeth Koth. The Venator-class destroyer released ten squadrons of ARC-170, six squadrons of Y-wing and five squadrons of Z-95 starfighter and Saesee's starfighter and Koth's starfighter. Eeth Koth's jedi starfighter was like Koon's starfighter but in green. The Y-wing and ARC-170 from Koth's troops were green.
-All fighters standing by, Koth said.
-Y-wing go to destroy the Trade Federation battleship and the supply ship. The Z-95 starfighter take care of the droid fighters. The ARC-170 starfighters follow me to destroy the rest of the separatist ships ! And Republic frigates launch the assault of the separatist frigates ! Master Tiin explained.
All the starfighters and frigates launched the assault against the separatist fleet. Green leader who was Eeth Koth led the Y-wings near the first separatist supply ships.
-Green two led your part of the squadron near the second supply ship, Koth said.
-Immediately sir.
The group of Y-wing with Eeth Koth began to bombard the first separatist supply ship. At the same time, Saesee Tiin launched his assault toward the Commerce Guild destroyer and the Z-95 starfighter attacked the vulture droids. The Republic frigates fired on the Banking Clan frigates. One of the frigate hit the bridge of a Banking Clan frigate which exploded.

On the ground, in the South of the caves, Obi-Wan and Plo and their forces were almost at the center of the caves. They were surrounded by droids and separatist Jabiimis.
-We have to do everything we can to protect the civilians ! Obi-Wan shouted.
-Yes, we have …, Plo added.
The two jedi fought side by side the droids. Trapper was hurt at the leg, Crys was transporting him.
-Cody ! I need help with Trapper ! Crys shouted.
-Alright, I cover you Crys.
Crys transported Trapper at the center in the caves, at the same time Cody shot on every droids who tried to attack Crys and Trapper.

In the North of the caves, Anakin and his troops were too almost in the center of the caves, the separatists had pushed them away. Kano, Boomer, Coric, Appo, Rex, Jesse, Fives, Kix, Hal, Nax, Attie, Tup, Boro, Hil, Derevaun and the rest of the troops fired on every droids and separatist Jabiimis on their way. Ahsoka was next to Rex and Anakin was next to Derevaun.
-Do you think we will survive ? the young Jabiimi asked.
-I hope we will. We have to keep hope in our minds.
-But what is hope ?

In the space, the first separatist supply ship exploded.
-Now, we pass to the next target, Koth said.
-Yes sir, Green five said.
Eeth Koth and his Y-wing charged at the Trade Federation battleships. Saesee Tiin and four ARC-170 starfighter fired on on the bridge of the separatist flagship which exploded. The separatist flagship fell down near Jabiim.
-The separatist flagship is destroyed. The victory is near ! Tiin declared.
The Republic frigates destroyed two others Banking Clan frigates.
-Cruisers you can launch the final assault ! Koth said.
The Venator-class destroyer and jedi light cruisers charged at the rest of the separatist fleet. The rest of the enemy fleet was destroyed quickly. The Z-95 starfighters almost finished to destroy the vulture droids and tri-droid starfighters.
-All republic assault ships land your troops on Jabiim ! Yularen ordered from the bridge of his ship.

General Grievous was outside on the plains of Jabiim with the vehicles. He saw in the air the Republic assault ships arrived. He turned toward a commander droid.
-Lead the battle, I have to go now ! the general said angrily.
-Where you are going ?
-In my shuttle idiot !
Grievous took on board his neimoidian shuttle.

The republic gunships came out from the Republic assault ship. The Republic gunships destroyed the droids at the entrance of the caves and put down clone troopers. Y-wing fighters launched their bombs on the plains where the separatist vehicles were. The Republic assault ships landed on the plains and released their AT-TE, Turbo Tanks and more clone troopers. Saesee Tiin and Eeth Koth landed their starfighters on the plains, commander Hauser came to them.
-The battle is in the mountains, our vehicles can't fight there, the clone said.
-So call a gunship so that we would be able to join the battle, Saesee Tiin said.
-Immediately my general.

In the caves, captain Lock arrived with his forces to save the Republic. Anakin saw the reinforcements.
-Here they are ! the young man said.
-We win ! Tup shouted.
Anakin and Ahsoka cut al the drodis on their way. Rex joined Lock.
-It's good to see you Lock.
-It's good to see you Rex.
A gunship arrived and released Hauser, Tiin, Koth and five clones at the South entrance. The jedi joined their jedi friends.
-We arrived just in time ! Tiin declared.
-Indeed ! Plo added.
The droids tried to run away but they were surrounded by the Republic troops. The clones destroyed them and the separatist Jabiimis dropped their weapons down. The battle of Jabiim was over.

Few hours later, clone troopers and republic vehicles took on board the Republic assault ships again. Hanx, Trapper and the others injured clones were taking on board the republic medical frigates. Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker, Plo Koon, Saesee Tiin, Eeth Koth, Ahsoka Tano, Cody, Rex, Wolffe, Hauser, Lock and Derevaun were talking about the battle.
-Thanks for your help, we wouldn't able to make it without your help master jedi, Derevaun explained.
-You're welcome, Anakin said.
-The Republic will help Jabiim to build towns, you will receive all the help you need, Obi-Wan declared.
-Thanks. I go to see my men, this battle cost the deaht of many men, too many.
-Indeed, this battle has been a massacre, Plo said sadly.
-It was a pleasure to meet you Derevaun Seraun, I would be glad to see you again, Anakin said by smiling and shaking the hand with his friend.
-It was a pleasure for me too Skywalker, Derevaun answered.
The leader of the republican Jabiimi left the jedi and joined his troops.
-Well, I think it's time to go back to Coruscant, Anakin proposed to his fellow jedi.
-Yes, yes my friend, Plo said.
All the jedi and clones took on board one of the Republic assault ship.

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On Coruscant
It was the sunrise on Coruscant. Anakin Skywalker came back to Padmé's apartment. He was in the living room when Padmé arrived.
-Anakin ! she said by smiling.
-I'm back !
Anakin hugged his wife.
-On the Senate, we heard news, bad news about Jabiim … I was afraid, Padmé said.
-You don't have to be afraid about what is happening to me, I'm always coming back no matter how, Anakin answered.
He kissed his wife.

The High Jedi Council was reunited, there were Plo Koon, Mace Windu, Yoda, Ki-Adi Mundi, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Saesee Tiin, Shaak Ti, Kit Fisto, Adi Gallia, Eeth Koth, Coleman Kcaj.
-With what happened on Jabiim and with the results of the other battles, Republic Senate and Separatist Senate have decided to sign peace agreements. We will have to protect our senators, Mace explained.
-It could be a trap, Fisto said.
-I don't think so, the separatist senators want to make peace, not all of them but some of them and Dooku fears this. So I think it's those separatist senators who are in danger because we have to remember that Dooku killed the separatist senator Mina Bonteri, his own senator, Obi-Wan remarked by smoothing his beard.
-Good reflexion, true Obi-Wan said. To protect separatist senators of the meeting we have, Yoda added.
-The meeting will be on Bastion, I propose we send master Kcaj, Kenobi and Tiin and Skywalker to protect both Republic and separatist senators, Mace proposed.
-I agree, Ki-Adi Mundi said.
-Me too, Koth added.
-Me too, Adi added.
-Me too, Shaak added.
-Alright, so we will send those jedi on Bastion, Mace concluded.
-And why this meeting will be on Bastion ? Obi-Wan asked intrigued.
-The king of Bastion has proposed his planet for the negotiations, Mace explained.
-And which senators do we have to protect ? Tiin asked.
-On the Republic side, to protect Riyo Chuchi, Bail Organa, Mon Mothma, Padmé Amidala, Orn Free Taa, Meena Tills you have. And on the separatist side, to protect By Bluss, Amita Fonti, Bec Lawise and Kerch Kushi you have, Yoda answered slowly.

On Serenno
Dooku was sitting on his chair of his desk when the hologram of his master appeared. Dooku kneeled down in front of the hologram.
-Lord Tyranus as you know the Republic and the Separatist senators want to make peace agreements. Those agreements cannot happen, Darth Sidious said slowly.
-How can we do to stop them master ?
-You have to hire bounty hunters. Tell them that they have to kill the separatist senators who will be on Bastion so that the separatists would be able to think that it's the Republic who ordered the murders of the senators …
-... and the separatists won't want to make peace after this !
-I'm going to do it right now, Dooku said.
-I want the best bounty hunters.
-Of course, Dooku added by smiling.

On Coruscant
In the bedroom of Padmé's apartment Anakin was laying on the bed during the time that Padmé was preparing her suitcases ( / packing ) for the departure to Bastion.
-Do you really have to go on this planet ? Anakin asked bored.
-Yes, I have to Anakin. It's very important for the future of the galaxy.
Suddenly Anakin's comlink rang, Anakin pushed the button of it.
-Anakin, we have a new mission, Obi-Wan said.
-Damned ! Come one, we just came back from Jabiim !
-I know but the jedi council send us on Bastion, as you may know there will be peace agreements there so we have to protect the senators.
-That's a pretty good news ! Anakin answered by smiling.
-What ? You've just said … I prefer not to ask why …
-You wouldn't understand why.
-Yes … so I see you at the Jedi Temple during the afternoon.
-See you soon, Anakin added.
Anakin turned his comlink off.
-I will be able to spend my time with you my lady, Anakin declared by standing up of the bed.
He kissed his wife.
-Anakin, you are the best husband that I could have, Padmé said by smiling.
-And you, you are the best wife that I could have.
He kissed her again.

During the afternoon, Anakin Skywalker joined his former master who was on one of the landing platform of the Jedi Temple. On this platform there was the Phoenix with Coleman Kcaj, Saesee Tiin, Senate guards, shock troopers and commander Fox.
-Hello everyone ! Anakin exclaimed.
-We've been waiting for you Anakin, it is time to go, Obi-Wan answered by smiling.

On Bastion
Dooku's Solar Sailer landed on a landing platform of the capital of Bastion : the city of Lancepolis. This town was made of high grey buildings, there were trace of orange sand on it. Dooku came out of his ship. He entered in a cantina. There were lots of civilians of Bastion but there were bounty hunters and smugglers too. Cad Bane was at a table, Dooku joined him and sat on a chair.
-It's a pleasure to see you again Count Dooku, Bane said by smiling.
-All the pleasure is for me. Did you make a team ?
-Yes. I gathered the best. Embo, Derrown, IG-88, Robonino, Aurra Sing. It's enough ? Bane answered.
-Yes, yes, that's enough. Your mission is crucial for the future of this war, you can't afford to fail, Dooku said gravely.
-I won't fail.
The bounty hunter got up from his chair.

The Phoenix, the Tantive IV and a Naboo Star Skiff emerged from hyperspace. The three ships landed on the hangar next to the Royal Palace of Lancepolis. Padmé Amidala, Riyo Chuchi captain Typho, four Naboo guards and C-3PO left the Naboo Star Skiff. Bail Organa, Meena Tills, Orn Free Taa, Mon Mothma and four Alderaanian guards left the Tantive IV. Anakin Skywalker, R2-D2, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Coleman Kcaj, Saesee Tiin, commander Fox, six shock troopers and ten Senate guards left the Phoenix. The king Ulumna welcomed them.
-Welcome, welcome, my friends ! Ulumna said by smiling.
-It's a pleasure to meet you king Ulumna, Padmé said.
-And it's a pleasure to meet you senator Amidala. Follow me, I show you the meeting room, Ulumna added.
Padmé turned toward Typho.
-Captain stay here with the guards and clones.
-Yes, madam.
The group followed him. The entrance hall of the Palace was composed of high red column, there were gold tapestry on the wall which told the story of Bastion. On the ground there were red and green carpets.
-It's beautiful, Anakin said by walking.
-You're right my friend, you're right, Obi-Wan added by smiling.
The group arrived in front of two huge gold doors. Two Royal guards kept it. The Royal guards of Bastion wore red and gold suits with gold helmets. Their weapons were electrostaffs. The doors opened. Behind the doors, there was a red circular room, the ground was covered by gold carpets. There were six doors which led to the elevators. The group took different elevators. Then, they passed a long corridor and arrived at the meeting room. The meeting room was a giant room with gold walls, there was a big window in front of the door. In the middle, there was a huge table with many chairs.
-Take a sit senators, Ulumna said.

Ten minutes later, By Bluss, Amita Fonti, Bec Lawise and Kerch Kushi arrived with the general Lok Durd and Whorm Loathsom in the meeting room. Anakin was next to Obi-Wan.
-But this is Durd and Loathsom ! They supposed to be in prison ! Anakin murmured.
-I know but we are in a meeting for peace agreements so …
-You won't say anything ?
-Anakin, we can't.
The two separatist generals smiled at Anakin and Obi-Wan. All the senators, jedi and general were sat.
-So the meeting can begin my friends, Ulumna said by smiling.

The group of bounty hunters were in front of the doors of the complex of the Royal Palace.
-How we gonna enter in it ? IG-88.
-Let Derrown and Robonino make us enter in this palace ! Bane answered by smiling.

In the meeting room, the senators talked about peace.
-This war has begun one year ago and the losses are heavy on the civilian side, we can't afford this, Bail explained.
-I'm on your side, we have to stop this, peace is the only way, Kushi added.
-I propose to divide the galaxy between separatist and Republic, Padmé proposed.
-In equal parts ? Bluss asked.
-The Republic keeps the planets of her senators and the same thing for the separatists. The neutral worlds stay neutral. The planets in war will be divided in equal parts, Padmé explained.
-This is a fair agreement, Bail added.
Anakin and Obi-Wan were watching the discussion.
-I don't think it's the best idea, Anakin murmured.
-Anakin, we have to make sacrifice to have peace.
-But they started the war first, this is not normal, this is unfair, Anakin muttered.
-Many things are unfair and many things are fair. But as I said we have to make sacrifice and give planets to the separatist is a sacrifice.
-Master, you have a curious vision of the sacrifice. If I was able to be a part of this peace agreements, I wouldn't do this.
-But you're not a part of it, yo'ure just here to protect people so you have to accept those agreements even if you disagree. Too bad my friend ? Obi-Wan answered by smiling.
-Unfortunately you're right.
-Like always, Obi-Wan added by smiling.

The doors of the complex opened in front of Cad Bane, Embo, IG-88, Aurra Sing. They passed the doors. There were ten dead body of Royal guards. Derrown and Robonino joined them.
-Perfect ! Bane said.
The group walked toward the Royal Palace when they saw a shock trooper got out the hangar.
-Kill him Aurra ! Bane shouted.
Aurra Sing killed the clone.
-We should take care of them first ! IG-88 said.
-Bad idea, they could conact the senators, Sing added.
-We have to cut the communications of the entire complex. Derrown and Robonino will take care of it.

In the meeting room, the discussion continued. Lawise turned toward Durd.
-General, contact our prisons and tell them to release all the republican prisoners, Lawise ordered.
-I'm doing it right now, senator, the general answered sadly.
Padmé turned toward Anakin.
-Anakin, please do the same but for the separatist prisoners, Padmé ordered.
-Yes, Anakin answered surprised.

Derrown and Robonino entered inside the Royal Palace in the hall they killed the guards. They reached the communication center and killed everyone inside.
-Deactivate the communication Derrown, Robonino said.

In front of the hangar, Bane and the rest of the group was waiting for Robonino and Derrown.

Inside the hangar, Typho turned toward Fox.
-Why your soldier isn't back ?
-I don't know sir, Fox answered.
-Contact him !
Fox tried to contact his dead trooper
-It doesn't work, our communications inside the complex have been blured.
-There is problem, Typho said.
Suddenly, Bane and his group of bounty hunters entered in the hangar and fired on the clones and senate guards.
-Bounty hunters ! We have to go to the Palace to protect the senators ! Typho shouted.
Fox turned toward Typho.
-Go with the Naboo and Alderaanian guards, I will try to keep them, Fox said.
Typho got out from the hangar with the Naboo and Alderaanian guards by the other door.
Fox, his clones and the senate guards fought against the bounty hunters. Embo cut the head of one of the clone.
-Embo, Aurra ! Take care of the ones who escaped from the hangar ! Bane shouted.
Bane killed four senate guards easily. Fox entered in the Phoenix and took two grenades and launched them on the bounty hunters but they dodged it. IG-88 fired on him. Fox fell on the ground, he was hurt at his legs. A clone ran toward him but Derrown electrocuted the clone who fell on the ground too.

Typho and the guards reached the room of the elevators when Embo and Aurra caught them.
-You come with me, the others cover us ! Typho said.
The guards fired on the bounty hunters while Typho and one Naboo guard entered in one of the elevators. Aurra and Embo killed the Alderaanian and the three other Naboo guards.

Bane killed the last senate guard. Robonino fired on the stomach of the last shock trooper who fell on the ground.
-Now, we destroy the droids of the other hangar, Bane said.

Typho and the Naboo guard arrived inside the meeting room.
-Sorry to interfere the meeting but our communications have been cut and bounty hunters attacked us ! Typho reported.
Everyone in the room was surprised.
-Master Kacj come with me. Obi-Wan, Anakin stay here to protect the senators, master Tiin ordered.
Kcaj and Tiin got up from their chairs and left the room.
-You can continue your peace agreements senators, Obi-Wan proposed.

Bane killed the last battle droid of the second hangar when Embo and Aurra joined his group.
-Two guards took the elevators, they know we're here, Aurra declared.
-We have to act quickly ! Bane answered.

The group of bounty hutners entered in the hall of the palace. There were Coleman Kcaj and Saesee Tiin with ten royal guard of Bastion.
-Well, well, we got company, Bane said by laughing.
-Surrender ! Kcaj said.
-Why ? Ban asked.

In the meeting room, every senators were surprised and tried to find who hired the bounty hunters.
-But who could do this ? Chuchi asked.
-I don't know but it's certainly not the separatists, Bluss answered.
-It could be the Trade Federation or the InterGalactic Banking Clan. Think a second, if the war stop, they will loose money because they won't have anymore to finance the Republic or the separatist, Padmé declared.
Anakin turned toward his former master.
-I think, it's the Count Dooku who did it like for Mina Bonteri, Anakin murmured.

In the hall of the Palace, Bane shot on a royal guard. The two jedi attacked the bounty hunters.
-Kill the jedi first ! Bane shouted.
Embo jumped on Tiin but he pushed him on the wall with the Force. Kcaj cut the blasters of Aurra Sing. The guards fired on Derrown and Robonino but IG-88 launched a grenade which killed six royal guards. Coleman Kcaj pushed Derrown against the wall with the Force and knocked out with his lightsaber Robonino. Tiin cut the blasters of Bane. IG-88 tried to kill Kcaj but this one cut his legs. Bane tried to escape but a royal guard fired on his back.
-Go find if there are survivors in the hangars ! Tiin ordered to the guards.
Kcaj and Tiin moved toward Bane.
-Who hired you ? Kcaj asked.
-Ah, ah, ah, ah ! I cannot tell you.

In the meeting room, the senators were continuing their peace agreements when Tiin called Obi-Wan.
-The bounty hunters have been stopped, it's sure that Dooku hired them but it will be hard to prove it, Tiin declared.
-Good, the senators find an agreement, Obi-Wan said.
Riyo Chuchi got up from her chair.
-So do we have an agreement ? she asked.
-Yes, we have.
-So I declare the peace between the Galactic Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems, Padmé said.

On Coruscant
The chancelor Palpatine was in his office when the hologram of Mace Windu appeared.
-We received the message that the peace have been declared between the Republic and the separatists, Windu declared.
-It's an excellent new, excellent new.
-We're coming to your office to talk about it.
-I'm waiting for you master jedi, Palpatine said.

On Bastion
Two guars of Bastion entered on the hangar, Fox heard them.
-I need help ! the clone said.
-Call a doctor ! the first guard said to the second guard.

On Raxus
Dooku was on the bridge of his Providence-class destroyer when the hologram of Darth Sidious appeared.
-My lord.
-Lord Tyranus, we have a problem, Sidious said slowly and angrily.
-I know but I do not know how to stop the separatist to make peace with the Republic.
-I have a solution. Destroy the entire separatist senate and all the cities of Raxus and accuse the Republic of this act so that you would be able to refuse to make peace with the Republic, Sidious explained.
-I will do it right now my lord.
-You cannot fail lord Tyranus.

In the chamber of the separatist senate, all the senators were gathered when ten battle droids and five super battle droids entered in the room.
-What are you doing here droids ? By Bluss asked.
The droids did not answer and fired on the senators.

In his Providence-class destroyer, Dooku contacted the general Lok Durd.
-General, it is time to launch your assault on the capital.
-Alright Count Dooku, Durd answered by smiling.

The capital of Raxus was surrounded by twenty Defoliators and fifty AAT. Lok Durd was in one of the AAT.
-Fire at will ! he said.
All the Defoliators and AAT fired on the city. There were explosions everywhere.

On Coruscant
Obi-Wan Kenobi was doing a meeting on the Jedi Temple. The holographic table released the plan of the galaxy. Anakin Skywalker stood next to his former master. There were around them Tera Sinube, Luminara Unduli, Ahsoka Tano, Pablo Jill, Bultar Swan, Barriss Offee, Finn Ertay and R2-D2.
-With the peace agreements, we have to withdraw from some planets. And we will send troops on the planets that the separatists will free, Obi-Wan explained.
But suddenly, the hologram of Wulf Yularen appeared on the holographic table.
-Sorry to intefere your meeting generals but I received some informations from our spies on Raxus, Yularen said.
-What are those informations ? Obi-Wan asked by smoothing his beard.
-Here are the informations.
An hologram of the capital of Raxus in flame and bombarded by Hyena bombers appeared. Anakin was shocked by those pictures.

On Raxus
Dooku was on the bridge of his Providence-class destroyer. He was watching the capital of Raxus burning. He smiled.
-Now the separatists won't want to make peace.

On Coruscant
Anakin Skywalker was running in one of the corridor of the Jedi Temple with R2-D2 toward the hangars when Obi-Wan Kenobi caught him.
-Anakin wait !
-I can't let this happen ! Dooku is killing innocent civilians and he's destroying the peace agreements because we both know that he will accuse the Republic of this massacre.
-You need the approval of the Jedi council !
-You are a member of the council so give me the approval to save the civilians of Raxus ! Anakin said angrily.
-I can't give you the approval alone and you know it. So please, wait Anakin !
-I can't master.
Anakin ran away.
-Anakin …, Obi-Wan said sadly.

One moment later, Obi-Wan reached the office of the chancelor Palpatine. Mace Windu, Yoda, Plo Koon and Ki-Adi Mundi were talking with the chancelor.
-Sorry to interrupt your meeting but I have a bad news about Anakin, Obi-Wan said.
-What ? Palpatine asked surprised.
-Just after we told you the news about Raxus, he decided to go to the separatist capital to find survivors, I tried to stop him but I failed, Obi-Wan explained.
-We decided to send someone to find survivors but it finally wo'nt be necessary as Anakin already goes to it. Obi-Wan take a cruiser and join him right now, Windu answered.
-Alright, Obi-Wan answered.

On Raxus
Anakin Skywalker arrived on Raxus with his jedi starfighter. He reached the capital. The capital was in ruin. He landed his starfighter in the middle of a building in ruin. He got out from his starfighter.
-Artoo stay here.
Anakin walked between the ruins but did not find any dead body or survivors only buildings in ruin. Suddenly someone fired on his shoulder and he fell on the ground, he tried to get up but someone knocked out him.

A Venator-class destroyer got out from the hyperspace. A NU-Class Attack shuttle got out from the cruiser and landed next to Anakin's jedi starfighter. Obi-Wan, Rex and Cody joined R2-D2.
-Where is Anakin ? Obi-Wan.
R2-D2 answered that he had not news since a moment.
-I have a bad feeling about this, the master jedi added.

On Almak
Almak was both a planet with huge forest with mountains and huge desert. It was a separatist planet. They used it for slaves. There were villages were slaves lived and worked for the separatists. The slaves had to harvest ore to build the commando droids. The houses of the villages were wooden. When Anakin opened his eyes, he was on a bed in one of this houses. Next to him there were one old man. This man had a white beard and long white hair. He wore a green shirt and brown pants. Anakin tried to get up but the man stopped him.
-Stay calm, stay calm jedi knight. If we didn't have drugs you would be dead by now.
Anakin was bare chest and he had bandages on his shoulder.
-Where are we ? Anakin asked slowly.
-On Almak.
-Almak ? It is a planet ?
-Yes, it is a planet but lots of people ignore it because there is no inhabitants except us, the man answered.
-Us ?
-The slaves.
-What ? Anakin asked surprised.
-Yes, you are now a slave, you belong to the separatists. No one escape from this planet so don't try it.
-What should I do ? Wait ?
-Yes, it is the best thing to do, wait and try to survive, the old man answered.
-Who are you ?
-Netov, the man answered.
-Happy to meet you Netov. I am Anakin Skywalker.
-Happy to meet you too Anakin. Stay here, get some rest. I will bring you food tonight. By the way, this is your new house and on the table I left your worker's gear but don't worry you won't have to work until your shoulder gets better, Netov added.
The old man went out of the house. Few minutes later, Anakin took the blue t-shirt of the worker gear and slipped it on. He went out of his house and he saw the workers went out form their houses and moved toward the factories. One of the worker who wore a grey gear, the gear of the workers, came to him. The top of his gear was opened so we could see his blue t-shirt. This was a young man with short black hairs, his complexion was fresh.
-Hello jedi knight.
-You can call me Anakin.
-So hello Anakin, I'm Derek Shawn and you can call me Derek.
-Hello Derek, you don't go to work ? Anakin asked.
-Me ? Oh no I can't because of my legs. I had an accident at the factory two days ago. I won't be able to work for a week maybe two.
-Oh I see. So we can talk, come with me in my house, Anakin answered.
They entered in his house. In Anakin's house like every house of the village, there were a bed, a table, two chairs and bathroom and just outside of every house there was an oven. They sat on chairs.
-So tell me, how we get out of there ? Anakin asked.
-It's impossible my friend.
-Why ?
-Because the only ships which get out of here are the separatist ships but they land only on the separatist base and as you can imagine the base is protected by thousands of droids, Derek explained.
-It's a pretty bad new.
-I'm sorry.
-You don't have to. I have to hope the Republic will find me and quickly, Anakin said.
-You would be lucky if they find this planet quickly.
-I'm lucky, they will find me quickly … I hope, Anakin answered by smiling.
-How did you arrive here ? Derek asked.
-Me ? Well, I was on Raxus but someone shot me and knocked me out. When I woke up I was here.
-Raxus it's the capital of the separatist, why … why you were there ? the young man asked surprised.
-Not anymore. The count Dooku destroyed the capital. I was on Raxus to find survivors … I mean civilians survivors but … you know what happened next.
-Oh … why Dooku would want to do a thing like that ?
-To stop the peace agreements, he made it. The separatists won't want to make the peace with us anymore. The war will continue more than ever, Anakin answered sadly.
-I missed many things.
-Yes. Since how long age have you been here ?
-Almost one year. I lived on Christophsis when the separatist attacked us. I was a soldier so I fought against the droids but they captured me and many of my friends. They sent us here but I was the only one who survived, Derek explained sadly.
-I was on Christophsis at the beginning of the war, I actually arrived few days after the droids launched their assault on it. We liberated this planet after many days of fight. If I came earlier, I would have saved you, I'm sorry so sorry, Anakin answered remorseful.
-It's not your fault. You weren't on Christophsis when I got captured, you don't have to be sorry. It's … like this, Derek added by smiling.
There was a moment of silence.
-You look young to be a soldier, how old are you ?
-Twenty one.
-Wow, it's just like me ! Anakin said by smiling.
-So you too, you're too young to be a jedi !

The night came. Netov went to Anakin's house, he was still talking with Derek.
-I see you have a new friend. I bring you food, Netov explained.
-Yes, thank you.
-You're welcome Anakin. Oh and Derek, your girlfriend is cooking so you should go home.
-I won't forget, Derek answered by smiling.
He put the food. The food was some pastas and a beefsteak.
-It's still hot, you should eat it now, Netov proposed.
-See you tomorrow, the old man said by getting out of the house.
-You have a girlfriend ? Anakin asked by smiling.
-Yes since eleven months. The droids put me on the same house as her so we quickly began close. I suppose jedi don't have girlfriend or wife, Derek said.
Anakin did not answer immediately, he thought during a moment.
-Ye … no, we can't … get ma … married, Anakin said by hesitating.
-Alright, Derek answered perplexed.
There was a silent during few seconds in the house.
-I have an idea. Take your meal and a chair and come to my house, I will introduce you to my girlfriend, Derek proposed.
The two young men stood up from their chairs. Anakin took his meal and his chair. They went to the next house which was Derek's house. Outside the house, a blue Twi'lek who was cooking beefsteaks and potatoes.
-Hello sweetheart ! I bring a new friend to the house, the man said.
-I didn't cook for three.
-Oh don't worry, Netov gave him a meal.
-Ah, it's the jedi knight.
-Yes, Katee may I introduce you Anakin Skywalker, Derek said by smiling.
-It's nice to meet you Anakin, she said.
-Happy to meet you to, Anakin added.
-Get inside I bring the food, she declared.
Anakin and Derek entered in the house, the jedi knight put his chair on the ground and his meal on the table. Katee brought the food for her and her girlfriend. They began to eat.
-The captured you while you were on Ryloth ? Anakin asked.
-Oh no, no. I was on Hypori, the separatists captured the planet and took many civilians and sent us there, Katee explained.

The next day, Anakin woke up at the sunrise. He sliped his worker gear on and put his jedi gear in a bag and got out of his house. He sat in the front of his house and waited. The hours passed without he really realized it. During the morning, Derek came to talk with him.
-Good morning my friend, he said.
-Good morning Derek. I think about something during all the night.
-And what is this thing ?
Anakin hesitated a moment.
-I know why no one came to this planet to save you. It's because all of you stay here and work. You … we have to rebel, take weapons to the droids and fight ! Anakin answered.
-Anakin … we can't. In the village we are only six former soldiers the rest are civilians ! We are sixteen and seventeen with you in this village ! How do you want to rebel with seventeen persons ? Derek said angrily.
-If you want … you can ! Come with me, we steal seventeen blasters to the droids and we learn to people how to fight ! Please ! Anakin added.
Derek turned toward his house.
-Do you want to spend the rest of your life as a slave ? the jedi asked.
-No, of course not.
-So you know what to do to be free.
-I have to think about it Anakin, I have to talk about it with Katee.
-It's like you want but think quickly !
Anakin entered in his house.

The days passed, Anakin did not receive news from Derek. Netov continued to bring him food. For the water, he had the water in the bathroom. Anakin passed the most important part of his days to stay in his bed and waited for the days passing. But one day, Derek came to his house.
-Hey you !
-Hello Anakin … I'm sorry I couldn't come earlier.
-It's alright, Anakin said.
-I was thinking about what you said … and … I convince the entire village to follow you, Derek declared by smiling.
-Really ? Anakin said surprised.
-Yes really, the entire village is behind you. We are ready to fight. The former soldiers will come with you tonight to steal weapons to the droids.
-Thank you.

The night came. Anakin and the six soldiers met in the center of the village.
-Anakin may I introduce you Skar, Ferrone, Mylo Trick, Stan and Peetov. They were soldiers before the droids captured them, Derek declared by smiling.
-Hello everyone, Anakin said.
Skar was a nikto with a dark skin, Ferrone was a weequay, Mylo Trick was a young woman with long blond hair, Stan was a man of thirty years old with brown short hairs and Peetov was an ithorian.
-So what is the plan ? Anakin asked.
-The separatists have an outpost close to the factories, we enter in it, take the guns and get out of it. That is to say, we go to the outpost. Mylo and Stan will make a diversion, during this time we will enter in the outpost, we will kill some droids to get weapons and we'll return to the village. It's okay for everyone ?
-Yes, they all said.

The group arrived in front of the outpost at the doors of it there were four battle droids.
-Four, it will be an easy thing ! Stan declared.
-Good luck ! Derek said.
Stan and Mylo went toward the droids.
-What are you doing here ? one of the droids asked.
-There was a curious noise from the factories so we came here to what was happening, Mylo said panicked.
-We did not hear a noise.
-You should check in the factories, Mylo proposed.
-Hmm … roger roger, come with me, the droid said.
The four droids, Mylo and Stan entered in the factories.
-Now ! Anakin declared.
Anakin, Derek, Skar, Ferrone and Peetov entered in the outpost. They were in a corridor without droids.
-You are a jedi so you often destroy separatist outpost … where can we find droids ? Derek asked.
-In the command center … follow me !
The group followed Anakin, they passed the corridor and another corridor, they finally arrived in front of a door.
-Just behind there will be droids so let me use the Force to destroy them, Anakin explained.
Anakin passed the door and pushed the two droids against the wall, Derek and him took the blasters. In front of them there was another door.
-This is the command center. So I have a plan. Derek and I'll enter in it first to destroy the droids and then, you'll join us, Anakin declared.
-I agree, Skar said.
-Let's go !
Anakin and Derek entered in the command center, they fired on the battle droids. The six droids did not have the time to strike back. The rest of the group took their blasters.
-Eight blasters, we need nine other blasters, Anakin declared.
Suddenly an explosion rang.
-What is that ? Derek asked surprised.
Anakin looked on the computer which flashed.
-Oh no … damned !
-What is happening ?
-There are two battalions of droids who are coming to the village, Anakin said.
-What ? Why ? Derek asked surprised.
-I don't know, it said the village is in alert.
-It may be because they find out we're missing, Ferrone proposed.
-Maybe, if you're right, we should go right now ! And we cannot return in the village ! Anakin said.
-In the forest, we should go there ! Skar proposed.
-I agree but I have to return on the village to pick Katee, Derek declared.
-Alright, I go with you, the rest go to the forest.
Anakin and Derek got out of the outpost.
-Why are you coming with me ? You could just go with the others.
-I come with you because we're friends, Anakin said disturbed.
They arrived on the village, it was in flame, the droids fired on the houses.
-Why ? Why they're doing this ?
-Maybe because of what Ferrone said, it's possible, Anakin said.
They got round the village and arrived at their houses. Katee and Netov were there.
-Come here ! Follow us ! Derek shouted.
Katee and Netov came to them but he got shot.
-Netov ! Derek shouted.
-Run ! Run ! Netov said in his last words.
The three survivors ran away and reached the forest.
-So what happened ? Derek asked.
-The droids brought Mylo and Stan, they said they were liars nothing happened in the factories. So the droids called Kolp to know what they had to do. As you can imagine he said to execute them, they did it but he said to destroy the village too because we were planning something … and he couldn't afford something happen, Katee explained.
-I see …
Peetov, Ferrone, Skar joined them.
-Were you able to save …, Ferrone tried to asked.
-… they're all dead, Katee anwsered.
-Now we began we can't turn back. We have to go to the separatist base and try to escape from this planet, Anakin said.
-And the other villages ? Derek asked surprised.
-We don't involve them, I will come back here with the Republic and we will liberate them !

Kolp was in the command center of the separatist base when two battle droids arrived. He was a neimoidian, he wore a blue gear.
-Did you destroy the village ?
-Yes, sir, one of the droid answered.
-The jedi is dead ?
-The jedi ?
-Yes, the jedi, is he dead ?
-We didn't know there was a jedi.
-Stupid droids ! When you told me about the two slaves, I immediately fought the jedi knight was behind this, that's why I told you to destroy the village ! Kolp said angrily.

Anakin, Derek, Katee, Peetov, Ferrone and Skar were walking in the forest toward the separatist base.
-I'm tired, I need some rest ! Katee said.
-Impossible when the separatists will understand that we're still alive, they will send the droids after us … so we have to go far away from the village as soon as possible and as quickly as we can, Anakin declared.

Kolp was still in the command center, he was talking to a tactical droid.
-I want the jedi dead ! Send all the forces that you can to find him ! I don't want a rebellion on my planet ! Kolp said angrily.
-Roger roger. I propose to send some STAPs with commando droids …
-Don't propose but act !
-Roger roger.
Twenty STAP piloted by commando droids dispersed around the base.

The group of Anakin walked in the forest until the sunrise, they were close to the separatist base when they saw three STAPs.
-Droids ! Peetov shouted.
Anakin and Derek fired on them, they destroyed one STAP with a commando droid.
-We have to destroy them quickly before they call reinforcements ! Anakin shouted.
He used the Force to push one of the STAP against a tree. Peetov destroyed the last one.
-More will be coming we have to move quickly, Derek declared.

The tactical droid came to see Kolp in the command center.
-We lost the contact with three of our droids, the droid said.
-The jedi of course. Where were they ?
-At eight miles from our base.
-Stop the jedi knight before he reach the base !
-Roger roger.

The group of Anakin were attacked again by three STAP but they destroyed them easily. They arrived at the end of the forest. In front of them, there was the separatist base protected by ten AAT and twenty super battle droids.
-We can't enter by this door, Ferrone said.
-We should try by the North entrance, Anakin proposed.
-The North entrance ? There is many entrances ? Katee asked.
-Yes, the North entrance shouldn't be heavily protected.
The group arrived at the North entrance of the separatist base. Anakin was right there was not lots of droids there, only ten battle droids.
-It will be easy ! Skar said by laughing.
-I wouldn't be so sure of me if I was you, Anakin added.
-Why ?
-Because when we'll inside we won't have lots of time to get a ship and get out of here, Anakin explained.
-Oh I see what do you mean …, Skar answered.
-So what's the plan ? Derek asked.
-We kill those droids, we enter in the base and we go to the hangar, we take a ship and we get out of here ! It looks simple but it will be difficult ! Anakin said.
-It's not a problem, Derek added by smiling.
-Let's go !
The group charged at the droids and destroyed them. They entered in the base but five battle droids attacked them.
-Let the game begins ! Derek said by laughing.
They destroyed the droids and continued to move in the base.

The tactical droid came to Kolp again.
-Sir, I have a bad new for you.
-No ! Don't tell me the jedi is here ! Kolp shouted angrily.
-Yes, sir.
-I told you …
-… I know but they entered by the North entrance not the main entrance.
-They ?
-Yes, sir. They are six.
-Ah ! Impossible ! Kill them ! Kill them all ! Now ! Kolp shouted.
-Roger roger.

Anakin and his group were close to the hangar when ten super battle droids cut their way.
-Oh no …, Anakin said.
One of the droids fired on Peetov's shoulder.
-It's alright ? Katee asked.
-Yes ! I'm fine ! Take care of the droids !
-As you see I don't touch a lot of droids, I'm not a soldier, she said.
Anakin pushed the droids against the wall with the Force.
-Let's go ! he shouted.
Behind them, five droidekas appeared.
-Hurry ! Hurry ! the jedi shouted.
But it was too late for Skar, the droids killed them.
-Skar ! Derek shouted.
Anakin, Derek, Ferrone, Peetov and Katee passed a corridor and closed the doors of the corridor to the droidekas.
-The hangar is just there, just after this corridor, Anakin declared.
They passed the corridor and entered in the hangar. There were twenty battle droids and fifteen super battle droids and a neimoidian shuttle.
-Damned ! Look at this ! We can't kill them ! Derek shouted.
-We only have to enter in the shuttle ! Anakin answered.
Behind them the five droidekas arrived.
-But we closed the doors ! Ferrone said.
-We don't have the time to talk ! Anakin shouted.
He used the Force again to push some droids. The group ran toward the shuttle but the droids killed Peetov. Anakin and Derek reached the shuttle. One of the super battle droids fired on the stomach of Katee who fell on the ground.
-Kateeeeeeeeeeeeee ! Derek shouted.
Ferrone took Katee and threw her in the shuttle but before he could enter in the shuttle, one of the droids shot him in the head.

Anakin entered in the cockpit of the shuttle. The shuttle left the base and reached the space. Derek and Katee joined Anakin in the cockpit, he put her on a seat.
-She's dying, Derek cried.
Anakin turned toward him and a teardrop sank on his face.
-We'll save her !
Anakin looked on the computers to see which planet of the republic was closer from Almak.
-I found a space station, a neutral one which could help us, Anakin said.
The shuttle went to the hyperspace.
-She's still conscious ? Anakin asked.
-Yes … I am, Katee answered by smiling.
Derek was weeping.
-Everything will be alright, Anakin said.
He tried to smile but he could not, he was so sad. He thought about Padmé and thought that she could be in the same situation as Katee.
-Derek, come here, please, she said.
Derek took the hand of his girlfriend.
-What ?
-Come here, closer.
He did what she said.
-I … lo … love … you.
-Me too, Derek said by weeping.
She kissed him. She looked at Anakin.
-Take … ca … care … of … him … plea … se, Katee said by smiling.
-I will, I promise you it, Anakin answered.
She kissed again Derek.
-Goo … goo … goodbye …
She closed her eyes.
-Stay with me, please ! Stay with me ! No ! Katee ! Derek said by shaking his girlfriend.
-It's over … she's dead, Anakin declared.
-No ! No ! Katee ! Noooooooooooooooooo ! Derek said by weeping.
-I'm sorry …
-You … you don't know how it feels to lose someone that you love ! You can't be sorry ! Derek shouted by weeping.
-No ! I know how it feels ! Anakin said.
There was a silence a moment between them.
-Who did you lose ?
-My … mother one year ago, Anakin said.
The neimoidian shuttle got out from the hyperspace.
-We're at the station, Anakin said.
He landed the ship in one of the hangar. Anakin and Derek took the body of Katee and got out from the ship. A man came to see them in the hangar.
-She needs a doctor ! the man said.
-No … she's dead, Anakin answered.
-Oh … I'm sorry. What happened ?
-We escape from a separatist planet. We need a new ship to reach Coruscant, Anakin explained.
-We are neutral in this war but we cannot ignore people who need help. We will give you a new ship and a coffin for your dead friend, the man said.
-Thank you, Anakin added.

One moment later, Anakin and Derek entered in a new ship it was a YT-1300 light freighter. The man who helped them put the coffin in the ship with the help of two other men.
-Thank you again.
-You're welcome jedi knight. Goodbye, the man said.
-Goodbye, Anakin answered.
The three men got out from the ship. Anakin and Derek entered in the cockpit. The ship got out from the space station and went to the hyperspace.

The ship reached Coruscant. Anakin landed it on a platform close to the Jedi Temple.
-Follow me with the coffin we go to the Jedi Temple, Anakin ordered.
They arrived at the Jedi Temple few minutes later. Ahsoka Tano welcomed them.
-Master ! You're alive !
-Yes Snips, I'm alive ! Anakin said by smiling.
-It's the best news that I heard, we all thought you were dead.
-Really ?
-Yes, Ahsoka answered.
-You tell me this later, I bring a friend, Anakin said.
-Hello, Derek said.
-Hello you. What there is in the coffin ?
-My … girlfriend, Derek answered.
-Oh … I'm … sorry.
-Where is Obi-Wan ? Anakin asked.
-Inside the Temple, Ahsoka answered.
-I need to talk to him, it's important.

Obi-Wan Kenobi was in the chamber of the High Jedi Council. Anakin, Derek and Ahsoka joined him.
-Anakin ! It's good to see you ! Obi-Wan said by smiling.
-Good to see you master ! Anakin answered by smiling.
-I arrived on Raxus too late you were already gone, the separatist right ?
-Yes, they captured me and sent me on Almak.
-Almak ? There is nothing there.
-Oh no, not at all. The separatists have slaves on Almak they used them to take the ore they need to build commando droids, Anakin explained.
-We didn't know that and I suppose this man was a slave, Obi-Wan said.
-Yes, I was able to save only him from my village but there are other villages on Almak and we have to launch an assault on this planet.
-Yes, it will be a good victory for us and we need big victories because the situation isn't …
-… in our advantage ?
-Yes, yes my friend. After what happened on Raxus, the separatist council decided to destroy the peace agreements and to continue the war. They accused us of killing their senate and all the people of Raxus, Obi-Wan explained.
-And I suppose they sent reinforcements in all their battles and launched new battles.
-So what do we wait to attack Almak ? Anakin asked excited.
-I first ask to master Yoda and tell him about you.
-Oh and about me, Ahsoka just told me everyone thought I was dead.
-Yes Anakin, we all thought you were dead. The Chancelor received a message from count Dooku. And as you can imagine in this message, Dooku said you were dead and he sent us a picture of you, you were unconscious and there were lots of blood on your body, Obi-Wan explained.
-Someone shot me that's why there were lots of blood but Derek's friends saved me.
-Good, stay here I come back in few minutes, Obi-Wan said.
-Wait !
-What ?
-Obi-Wan, did you tell to Padmé that you thought I was … ?
-Yes but call your dear friend to tell her you're alive, she's on Naboo, Obi-Wan answered by smiling and getting out of the room.
Anakin Skywalker smiled and turned toward Derek Shawn.
-Katee … told me … to keep an eye on you and I will do it. So … I propose you a new job, a job close to me, do you accept it ? Anakin asked by smiling.
-Which job ?
-The job of commander of the Defender a jedi cruiser of the 501st legion.
-I accept my friend, Derek answered by smiling.

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On Almak
Anakin Skywalker was surrounded by battle droids in the middle of the mountains. He put down his lightsaber and Kolp appeared.
-Ah, ah, ah, ah ! Skywalker, I finally got you and your stupid friend.
Two super battle droids bring Derek Shawn.
-Hey, good to see you.
-I guess the others are dead, Anakin said sadly.
-So it's us against the separatist …
-The battle is over and you are about to die, Kolp interrupted Anakin by laughing.
-Maybe or … not.
-You want to play with me stupid jedi.
-Oh no, it's just, the Republic will send reinforcements here, they want to win this battle.
Kolp hit Anakin on the face. He took a blaster and turned toward Derek.
-When they will arrive … you will be dead.
Kolp shot in Derek's head.
-Noooooooooooo !
Anakin used the Force and pushed all the droids around him. He took his lightsaber and cut the head of Kolp.

Inside the Negotiator
Anakin Skywalker woke up in his quarters.
-Again a nightmare.
He got out from his quarter and went to the bridge of the cruiser. There was Wulf Yularen.
-Where are the others ? Anakin asked.
-In the hangars and in their quarters. Are you alright ?
-Yes, just a bad nightmare.

Rex was in the hangar when Anakin arrived.
-General our troops are ready for the battle, Rex announced.
-Good. We have to be careful, I have a bad feeling … something is wrong but … I can't see what, Anakin explained.
-A new nightmare ? Rex asked surprised.
-Who died ?
-Everyone except me, I think the separatists know we are coming and they prepared something for us, Anakin answered.
-A trap ?
-Yes … I think.
-We will be careful general !
-Thanks Rex.

An alarm rang in the cruiser.
-We arrived on Almak, every pilots go to your starfighters for a space battle, the voice of Yularen said in all the cruiser.
Anakin turned toward Rex.
-I told you, they know we were coming, Anakin said.
Obi-Wan Kenobi, Swoop, Odd Ball, Ahsoka Tano joined them.
-We heard the new, Obi-Wan said by smiling.
-It's a trap, they know we were coming, Anakin explained.
-Yes so we have to be careful and destroy this separatist fleet immediately.
Anakin went to his jedi starfighter, R2-D2 waited for him.
-Let's go Artoo !

Anakin's starfighter, Ahsoka's starfighter, Obi-Wan's starfighter got out from the Negotiator with six ARC-170 starfighter and four Y-wing starfighter. Many other ARC-170 starfighter, Y-wing starfighter and Z-95 starfighter got out from the jedi cruisers. The Republic fleet consisted of seven Venator-class destroyer, four Republic assault ship, two Republic light cruiser and eight Republic frigate.
-Blue Leader standing by, Anakin declared.
-Gold Leader standing by, Obi-Wan said.
-Shadow Leader standing by, Ahsoka added.
-Alright, Gold Squadron follow me we will destroy the separatist ships. Anakin destroy the droids starfighters with you squadron and Ahsoka protect the cruisers with your squadron, Obi-Wan ordered.
-Good, may the Force be with us, Anakin added.
The three squadrons split up. In front of them, there were six Banking Clan frigates, two Commerce Guild destroyers and one Trade Federation battleship.

In the bridge of the Trade Federation battleship, the neimoidian commander Aulney gave orders to the droids.
-Send all the fighters !
-Roger roger.
-And wait few minutes before we send our reinforcements !

Anakin lead his squadron towards the vulture droids.
-This is going to be fun ! he said by laughing.
Anakin destroyed many vulture droids. Swoop was just behind him.

Obi-Wan lead the assault against the separatist ships. Odd Ball in his Y-wing followed him.
-We have to destroy first the flagship, it should be the Trade Federation battleship, Obi-Wan declared.
-Alright sir, Odd Ball answered.
The Y-wing launched bombs on the battleship.

In the bridge of the battleship, Aulney contacted the general Grievous.
-General Grievous, it's time for you to help us !
-I'm coming.

Eight Banking Clan frigates, two Commerce Guild destroyers and one Providence-class destroyer got out from the hyperspace.

Admiral Yularen in the war room of the Negotiator contacted Obi-Wan and Anakin.
-General Kenobi, the separatists received reinforcements and they are just behind us ! We won't be able to destroy all of them !
-It's trap ! Obi-Wan declared.
-Admiral you and your cruisers attack the reinforcements and Obi-Wan and me we'll take care of the rest of the fleet, Anakin proposed.
-I'm afraid it's the only solution that we have.

The Republic fleet moved toward the separatist reinforcements and fired on them. Ahsoka and her squadron attacked the vulture droids and tri-droid starfighters that Grievous sent.

Odd Ball and his Y-wings were destroying the separatist battleship.
-Launch bombs on the bridge of the ship ! Obi-Wan ordered.
Four Y-wings attacked the bridge and this one exploded.
-Good shot guys ! Now we pass to the frigates ! Obi-Wan said by smiling.

Two vulture droids chased Swoop.
-General I need help !
-I'm on your way Swoop ! Anakin declared.
Anakin arrived in front of Swoop and destroyed the two droids behind him.
-Thanks general !
-You're welcome !
Anakin and three ARC-170 starfighters attacked a squadron of vulture droids.

Derek Shawn was on the bridge of the Defender.
-Fire on this frigate ! he ordered.
His cruiser fired on the separatist frigate next to him.

Odd Ball destroyed a separatist frigate.
-It's not so bad for the moment general !
-You're right Odd Ball, Obi-Wan answered.

Two Tri-droid starfighters and three vulture droids destroyed blue four and blue six.
-We've just lost blue four and six and two new squadrons of Tri-droid starfighters are coming, Swoop declared.
-Blue three, ten, eleven and eight follow me ! Anakin declared.
-We are just behind you general ! Blue eight answered.
The little group attack the two squadrons of Tri-droid starfighters.
-I'm hit ! Blue three shouted.
-Return to the ship, you can't help us if you're starfighter is damaged, Anakin declared.
-Sorry, Blue three added.
His starfighter left the fight.
Anakin and the rest of his group have destroyed the first squadron.
-We have to destroy the second squadron now ! Blue eight said.
Anakin destroyed two Tri-droids. Blue eleven who was just behind him destroyed another Tri-droids.

Four of the separatist frigates were destroyed by the Gold squadron.
-Odd Ball we split up ! Take a group with you to destroy the destroyers ! I take the rest of the squadron to destroy the last frigates ! Obi-Wan declared.
-Immediately sir ! Odd Ball answered.
Odd Ball and thirteen Y-wings attacked the two Commerce Guild destroyers. Obi-Wan and his squadron fired on the two last frigates.

The Negotiator attacked the Providence-class destroyer. Grievous was in the bridge of this destroyer.
-Ah ! Destroy this jedi cruiser now !
-Roger, roger ! the tactical droid said.
Grievous was leaving the bridge.
-Where are you going ?
-To my starfighter, the battle doesn't turn like I wanted it ! Grievous shouted angrily.

Admiral Yularen was in the bridge of the Negotiator.
-Aim the bridge of the destroyer ! he declared.
All the canon of his cruiser fired on the bridge of Grievous' ship.

Grievous' starfighter got out from the destroyer with IG-100 MagnaGuard in their starfighters.
-It's time to win this battle ! Grievous declared.
He and his guards shot some Z-95 starfighters.

Obi-Wan and his group finished to destroy the frigates and Odd Ball finished to destroy the destroyers.
-The work is done here ! Odd Ball declared.
-We have to help our fleet now ! Follow me ! Obi-Wan ordered.
Obi-Wan led his Gold Squadron toward the rest of separatist reinforcements fleet.

The Commerce Guild destroyers destroyed one of the Republic assault ship.
-We've lost a cruiser ! Derek shouted.
-Commander Shawn attack the destroyers while I destroy the flagship ! Yularen ordered.

Grievous chased Ahsoka.
-I need help ! A starfighter chases me and it's not a droid starfighter ! Ahsoka shouted.
-Where are you ? Anakin asked.
-Next to the Defender, Ahsoka answered.
-I'm coming !
Anakin moved toward the Defender.

The Providence-class destroyer exploded in the middle of the battle.
-They don't have flagship anymore. The battle is almost win for us, Yularen declared.
-Good, very good ! We're better than you thought admiral, Obi-Wan added.

Anakin arrived at Ahsoka's position.
-It's Grievous's starfighter ! Anakin declared.
He fired on it but Grievous dodged it.
-I will destroy you Grievous ! Anakin said.
He fired again on Grievous but this time hit his reactor. Grievous escaped from the battle.
-He escapes ! Anakin shouted.
Anakin and Ahsoka chased him but he sowed them.
-The battle is over, the separatist fleet have been destroyed ! Yularen declared.

Anakin, Ahsoka and Obi-Wan landed their starfighters in the Negotiator.
-The battle wasn't so difficult ! Ahsoka said by laughing.
-Indeed but again Grievous escaped, Anakin declared.
-We'll catch him another time, now we have to win the battle on ground, Obi-Wan answered by smoothing his beard.
-You're right, Anakin added.
Rex, Cody, Hanx, Coric joined them.
-We have detected shields around the separatist factories and the separatist base, Rex announced.
-We have to destroy the shield first ! Obi-Wan said.
-Shields ! Rex insisted.
-How many shields there are ? Obi-Wan asked surprised.
-Ten. Nine around the different factories and one around the base, Rex answered.
-We'll send some team to destroy the shields and then the most important of our troops will launch the assault on the factories and the base, Obi-Wan explained.
-I will lead a team to destroy the shield of the base, Anakin declared.
-Good, take Rex with you !
-I go with you too ! Derek said by getting out of his NU-class attack shuttle.
-Me too, Coric and Hanx declared.
-Excellent, Anakin you need two others clones and you'll have a complete team, Obi-Wan added.
-Alright, Rex find me two clones who wants to go with us and join me in Derek's shuttle, Anakin ordered.
Anakin, Derek, Hanx and Coric entered in the NU-class attack shuttle.
-I'll pilot the shuttle, Derek you'll my co-pilot, Anakin declared.
Rex, Boro and Hil joined them with backpacks.
-We bring explosives ! Hil declared.
-It might help us, Anakin answered by laughing.
-Really ? Rex asked by laughing.
-I think.
Anakin and Derek entered in the cockpit of the shuttle.
The shuttle got out from the cruiser and reached the planet.
-Anakin, I think we can land the shuttle just behind this mountain. It will hide us and it's close from the shield, Derek proposed.
-So we'll do this.
They landed the shuttle behind the moutain. The group got out from the shuttle. Anakin looked the place and he remembered that it was the place of his nightmare. He took Rex with him in the shuttle.
-Rex, it's the same place that I saw in my nightmare, this mountain is the mountain of my nightmare !
-We'll be careful general.
-More than careful and I won't let this nightmare happen, I won't, I promise, Anakin said slowly.
-I trust you general, I know you won't let it happen.
They got out from the shuttle.
-So what's the plan ? Derek asked.
-We take a walk toward the shield and we try to be careful. Then we entered in the building of shield and we destroy it, Anakin explained.
-It's easy ! Hanx declared.
-I hope so …, Anakin added by looking the mountain.
The group moved toward the mountain.

Obi-Wan, Appo and Cody were in the war room of the Negotiator. They looked at the holographic table.
-When Anakin and his group will have destroyed the shield I will launch my assault on the base. You, Cody, when Ahsoka and her group will have destroyed the shields in the desert you will launch your assault. Finally, Appo when Fives and his group will have destroyed the shields in the forest, you will launch your assault. Everything is okay ?
-Yes general, Cody and Appo answered.
-Great ! I'll see you on the planet !

Anakin and his group reached the mountain and there were no droids.
-No droids, it's nt funny ! Hanx said.
-They'll arrive soon, I'm sure of it, Anakin answered.

A moment later, they were in the middle of the mountain.
-The shield is not far away now ! Derek said by smiling.
At this moment, six commando droids arrived and attacked them.
-Don't use the explosives, we need them for the shield ! Rex shouted.
The group destroyed the droids.
-More will come and soon, if I say run, you run, I'm your general and you will listen me, Anakin declared.
-Yes, but we will destroy this shield, Derek answered.
They continued to walk. They reached the middle of the mountain and ten super battle droids were waiting for them.
-Droids ! Rex said.
They fired on the droids. Ten battle droids arrived too.
-Now we see that the shield is not far away from us, there are lots of droids and I like it, Hanx said by laughing.
A super battle droid shot Hil at his shoulder.
-Are you alright ? Rex asked.
-I'm fine, I'm fine.
Ten more battle droids arrived.
-I propose to use one explosives, just one ! Boro proposed.
-You're right, Coric answered.
He activated an explosive and launched it on the battle droids. Many of the droids exploded.
-Now they know we're here, Kolp will send more and more droids, Derek said.
Two droidekas arrived.
-Coric Give me the backpack with the explosives ! Anakin shouted.
-Yes sir !
He launched the backpack toward the jedi who took it.
-Now, run ! Anakin shouted.
-What ? Coric asked surprised.
-Run ! Return to the shuttle, I will finish the mission alone !
-It's an order listen to the general ! Rex ordered.
The group left Anakin who was fighting the droids. Rex and his group were running in the mountains when a group of ten super battle droids stopped them.
-That's how we die, Rex said.
-What did you say ? Boro asked surprised.

Anakin used the Force to destroy the droids.

A tactical droid arrived behind the group of super battle droids.
-Surrender clone troopers, he said.
-No, we won't. Now ! Rex shouted.
All his group fired on the droids. They killed the tactical droid and five of the super battle droids. The survivors fired on the clones. They destroyed the rest of the droids easily.
-We have to go to help Anakin ! Rex said.
-But … , Hanx tried to say.
-… he was wrong, we'll die if we try to reach the shuttle, we have to stay together ! Rex answered.

Twenty battle droids and ten super battle droids surrounded Anakin. He put down his lightsaber and Kolp appeared.
-Ah, ah, ah, ah ! Skywalker, I finally got you.
Rex and his group fired on the droids.
-I don't think so commander Kolp, Anakin answered by getting back his lightsaber.
Rex moved toward his general.
-I understood how to change what happened in your nightmare ! We have to stay together and not split up. There were droids too behind us, Rex explained.
-Good to see you changed what was in my nightmare, Anakin added by cutting a battle droid.
Kolp ran toward the building of the shield which was close to the battlefield.
Anakin and his group were finishing to destroy the droids when an AAT attacked them.
-I take care of it ! the jedi shouted.
He jumped on the AAT and cut a part of it and entered in it. He destroyed all the droids inside the AAT and took the control of it. He turned the AAT toward the building and fired on it several times. The building of the shield exploded.

Boil joined Obi-Wan in the Republic assault ship which was close to the separatist base.
-General we can launch our assault on the base, the shiled has been destroyed, Boil declared.
-Perfect !
They entered in a gunship. Ten LAAT/i and ten LAAT/c got out from the assault ship and reached the separatist base. There were ten AAT, ten battalions of battle droids and super battle droids and five battalions of commando droids. The gunships fired on the droids and dropped the clones an the AT-TE on the battlefield. Twenty AT-RT came out from the AT-TE. Obi-Wan turned toward an AT-TE.
-Destroy the AAT as soon as possible ! Obi-Wan ordered.
-Yes sir, the clone gunner answered.
The AT-TE fired on the AAT.

A LAAT/i reached the ruins of the building of the shield and picked up Anakin and his group.
-What is the situation pilot ? Anakin asked.
-Fives' group has destroyed their shields, Ahsoka's group has almost done their job.
-Good, drop us on the battlefield of the base.
-Yes sir.

Kolp was in the command center of the base with his tactical droid.
-Find me a ship I have to get out of this planet before the Republic capture me or kill me ! Kolp ordered.
-Roger, roger.
Suddenly the hologram of Count Dooku appeared in the room.
-Count Dooku !
-I heard about your situation commander, Dooku declared.
-Everything is alright.
-Don't lie to me ! I know that the Republic has forced your blockade. You cannot lose this battle ! We need this planet to build the commando droids !
-I know … I know, I will win and if I lose we'll still have billions of commando droids around the galaxy, Kolp answered.
-Do you have something to tell me commander ? Dooku asked.
-Why ? Kolp asked afraid.
-You are lying to me ! You're losing the battle ! Idiot ! Dooku said angrily.
-No, no, no, it's not true ! Kolp answered afraid.
-We're losing the battle Count, the tactical droid declared.
-What ? What ? Idiot ! Kolp shouted.
-Thanks droid, commander do not try to escape because if you do I'll kill you, Dooku said coldly.
His hologram disappeared. Kolp turned toward his droid.
-Stupid droid ! You're dead ! Kolp declared angrily.
-I did what I have to do, I do not lie to the Count Dooku, the tactical droid answered.
-I will leave this planet and I won't be killed !
-I'm not sure of it, the droid answered.

The LAAT/i dropped Anakin and his group. The jedi joined his former master.
-It was an easy mission master, Anakin said by laughing.
-I'm seeing it, I just received the information that Ahsoka has destroyed the shields of her area.
-Great !
The two jedi were cutting the droids around them. Derek was with Rex and were firing on the droids.

Ahsoka Tano and her group were in a village and protected the slaves. Cody joined her with many clones.

Kolp in the base entered in the hangar but four super battle droids stoped him.
-I need to go to this shuttle !
-No you can't, we received orders.
-But I'm your commander ! Kolp shouted.
-TA-89 is our commander, we received our orders.
-Damned !

Appo and Fives were fighting the droids in a village.
-We have to get the slaves into the gunship which will bring them in our cruisers, Appo ordered.
Two gunships arrived. Fives reached the slaves who were protected by other clones.
-We evacuate you ! Go inside the gunships now ! he ordered.
The slaves entered in the gunships. Fives made a sign to the pilot. The LAAT/i left the village with the slaves.

Obi-Wan called Cody with his comlink.
-What is the situation Cody ?
-We evacuated three villages.
-Excellent, we will help you when the base will be destroyed, Obi-Wan answered.
-Thanks general.
Obi-Wan ended the communication and joined Anakin.
-Cody told me that they evacuated three villages, he declared.
-Appo is on his first, Anakin said.
-My commander is better than your sergeant !
-Hey ! There is Ahsoka with Cody, Anakin added by laughing.
Rex and Derek reached the doors of the base.
-How can we destroy them ? Derek asked.
-Wait and see !
An AT-TE fired on the doors which exploded.
-Oh, good idea !
Thirty super battle droids got out from the base but Rex, Derek, Hanx, Coric and many clones fired on them. Hanx launched a grenade on the droids which exploded.
-Go, go, go ! Rex ordered.
The clones entered in the base.

Kolp was in the command center with TA-89.
-They're here ! Let me go ! Kolp shouted.
-No, sir.
-Raah !
Kolp got out of the room. He saw a battle droid and took his weapon.
-Hey ! It's my blaster, the droid said.
-Shut up your mouth ! Kolp answered by destroying the droid.
He entered again the command center and shot TA-89.
-Stupid droid !
The other battle droids did not say a word as they were on computers so they did not have weapons.
-Call the super battle droids and tell them to leave the hangar !
-Roger, roger.

Anakin and Obi-Wan entered in the base too. Rex, Derek and a group of clone were fighting the droids in a corridor of the base.
-We have to take the command center first ! Rex ordered.

Kolp reached the hangar, entered in his shuttle and left the base.

Appo, Fives and their clones have destroyed the droids from the forest and saved the slaves.
-We go to the separatist base to help general Skywalker, Appo ordered.
Appo, Fives and two clones entered in a LAAT/i. Five others LAAT/i followed them. They crossed the neimoidian shuttle of Kolp.
-Destroy this shuttle ! Appo ordered.
The LAAT/i fired on the shuttle and hit it. The shuttle crashed on the ground.
-Wait ! Drop us here, I want to see if there are survivors ! Appo ordered.
The LAAT/i dropped Appo and Fives. They entered in the shuttle and found Kolp.
-Surrender !
-I surrender, I surrender, Kolp announced angrily.
-Fives bring him to the cruiser, Appo ordered.

Rex and Derek reached the command center and destroyed the droids in the room. Rex contacted his general.
-We took the control of the command center general.
-So the battle is over, we took the control of the rest of the base, Anakin announced.

Ahsoka, Appo and Cody joined Anakin in the base.
-All the slaves are free now, they are in one of the assault ship. We captured the commander Kolp too, Appo declared.
-You did an excellent job today, Anakin said by smiling.
-We saved the day like always, Ahsoka added.
-Indeed. It's a great victory for the Republic, we're taking the advantage in this war, Obi-Wan said by joining them.

The Negotiator reached the air of landing. Obi-Wan, Anakin, Ahsoka, Rex, Derek, Cody got out from the cruiser. There were gunship close to them. Obi-Wan Kenobi and Ahsoka Tano entered in the gunship.
-You don't come with us ? Obi-Wan asked.
-No, I will join you later, Anakin answered.
The gunship left the air of landing. Anakin Skywalker called a taxis speeder and entered in it. Derek Shawn turned toward Rex.
-Where is going ? Derek asked.
-It's a secret.
-And do you know this secret ?
-Yes, but I can't tell you it, Rex answered by entering in another gunship.


After the Republic victory on Almak, the separatist army cannot build new commando droids. The Count Dooku has decided to strike back …

Rhen Var
Three clone troopers entered in the Republic base and joined the jedi master Leoni who was a nikto. They were in the command center.
-We know now why our communications and radars were down. There are separatists on the planet, they jammed our communications and radars.
-So they have a fleet here, how many ships do they have ? Leoni asked anxiously.
-They have five landing ships, their droids are coming, one of the clone answered.
-We won't be able to destroy them all so we have to evacuate the base immediately.
-We don't have enough ships to do it, commander Slim declared.
Slim had red marks on his armor.
-I know, the troops who cannot leave, will stay here and I'm staying here, Leoni declared.
-Me too, Slim said.
Leoni turned toward one of the clone.
-When you will be out of this planet, you will have to contact the Jedi council and tell them what is happening on Rhen Var, the jedi ordered.
-Yes, sir.
The jedi turned toward his commander.
-Prepare the troops for the assault !

Four battalions of battle droids arrived in front of the Republic base escorted by four AAT. One droid came out from the turret of one of tanks.
-Fire at will ! he ordered.
The AAT fired on the doors of the base which exploded.
-Charge !
The battalions charged at the base, they reached the entrance of it. The clones and Leoni were waiting for them. Leoni had a blue lightsaber.
-Attack ! Leoni declared.
The clones shot the droids. Leoni cut many droids. Slim received a message from the clones who supposed to evacuate.
-The shuttles have left the planet general !
-Good news my friend.
Suddenly, a part of the wall in the entrance exploded and fifteen super battle droids arrived. Behind them, there were ten commando droids.
-More droids ! one of the clones shouted.
-We have to contain them until our frigate leave the base ! the master jedi ordered.
Leoni jumped on at commando droid and cut his head, he pushed the body against a group of seven battle droids.

The general Grievous was on the bridge of one of the landing ship with four battle droids.
-What is the situation ?
-Our droids found some resistance, the droid answered.
-Raah ! I have to do everything myself !

Four IG-100 MagnaGuard entered in the base and they killed four clones. Leoni charged at them. He cut the head of the MagnaGuard and jumped toward the second. Slim shot in the head of another MagnaGuard. Twenty battle droids and super battle droids entered in the base. They killed three clones.
-I propose we retreat deeper in the base ! Slim said.
-Yes … retreat ! All troops retreat ! Leoni ordered.
The clones went upstairs and reached the corridor of the command center.
-Send grenades on the droids ! Leoni ordered.
Slim and another clone launched two grenades on the super battle droids which arrived. The two other MagnaGuard arrived.
-I take care of them ! Leoni declared.
The clones attacked the other droids. Leoni cut in half one of the MagnaGuard and cut the arms of the other one. He turned toward his clones and he saw the general Grievous cutting the head of a clone.
-Grievous !
-Ah ! A jedi, you're gonna die ! Ah, ah, ah, ah ! Grievous said by laughing.
He had a blue lightsaber and a green one. Leoni fought against Grievous around them, the battle was continuing. Slim received another message.
-General, the frigate left the base !
-Great, Leoni answered.
-Our fleet will destroy it, Grievous added.
-I won't be so sure of you, if I was you !
Slim did not have munitions in his DC-15A blaster rifle anymore so he took his DC-17 hand blaster to continue the fight. Leoni cut an arm of Grievous. Slim turned toward him.
-What are our casualties ? Leoni asked.
-Thirteen clones, we are twenty survivors. I think we could get out of here and hide somewhere in the planet, Slim answered.
-We could …
Grievous jumped on Slim and hurt the clone on his leg. Slim fell on the ground. Leoni attacked Grievous again.
-Troopers take Slim and get out of there, I will protect you ! he ordered to his troops.
-Yes, my general.
-Your sacrifice will be useless, jedi scum, Grievous shouted.
-I won't bet on it !
The clones left the corridor and the droids followed them. Grievous and Leoni were alone. Their lightsabers collided as the fighters moved in the corridor. They fought during a moment but Grievous pushed his lightsaber in the heart of Leoni. The jedi fell on the ground and Grievous took his lightsaber.

Arkonne III
Aayla Secura, Bly and their 327th Star Corps were fighting the droids in the forest of Akonne III. They were eight against more than thirty droids.
-General, the evacuation team is coming ! Galle declared.
Two gunship lead by Plo Koon and Wolffe arrived and took Aayla and the survivors.
-Thank you, master Plo, Aayla said by smiling.
-You're welcome. Another team took the other group in the mountains.
-Good, did Yoda say when we will attack this planet again ? she asked.
-Oh, no, he didn't. I think we have priorities before Arkonne III. We have Rhen Var, Plo Koon explained.
-Rhen Var ? But it's under our control.
-Not anymore, the general Grievous took the control of the planet.

The capital of Anoat was on fire. There were three Octuptarra droid, one AAT, two MTT, twenty battle droids, four commando droids and ten super battle droids around the main building of the town. The general Whorm Loathsom was getting out of his AAT when two neimoidian shuttles arrived. The shuttles contained the separatist council. Nute Gunray, Rune Haako, Passel Argente, Poggle the Lesser, Shu Mai, Wat Tambor, San Hill, Cat Miin, Po Nudo and Tikkes were welcomed by Whorm Loathsom.
-You did an excellent job general Loathsom, Nute Gunray declared.
-Thank you, may I introduce you your new headquarters, Loathsom answered yb showing the main building.

In the Senate Chamber, the senators were angry and Mas Amedda was trying to calm the situation.
-Senators, silence ! Silence ! I beg you, silence ! Mas Amedda shouted.
-We have to vote the creation of new clones ! We can't let the separatists win this war ! Mot-Not Rab said.
-I agree ! Stonk declared.
-Let's kill the separatists ! Orn Free Taa added.
-Full powers for the chancelor Palpatine, we have to give the full powers to the chancelor ! Stonk proposed.
-Yes, yes, we agree ! many senators declared.
-My mandate is about to end, I will have to let my place to another chancelor, Palpatine answered.
-No ! We have to give the full powers to the chancelor Palpatine ! The mandate of the chancelor is not a priority ! Mot-Not Rab shouted.
-So, let the vote begins ! Mas Amedda ordered calmly.
Bail Organa was voting and the others senators too.
-The votes are finished ! Mas Amedda declared.
The silence reached the Senate Chamber.
-The chancelor Palpatine is receiving the full powers ! Mas Amedda said by smiling.
The most important part of the senators applauded but Padmé Amidala and other senators did not applaud.
-Dear senators, I heard you and I will do everything to win this war against the separatists. We cannot let them win. I will give you again the powers when this war will be finished. We have to support the Jedi on the battlefield so I will order thousands of new clone troopers and thousands of new cruisers. But this is not the only that I'm going to do, I will make build new outposts, bases and space station ! Palpatine declared.
-The banking clan is ready to lend money to the Republic, Mak Plain added.
-Thank you senator Plain.
Anakin Skywalker was watching the scene and he contacted Obi-Wan Kenobi.
-Master, I have a good new. The chancelor Palpatine received the full powers.
-He wasn't at the end of his mandate ? Obi-Wan Kenobi asked surprised.
-Yes but the senators decided to give him the full powers, the chancelor should soon contact the Jedi. He decided to buy new clones and to build new bases, outposts and space stations, we're gonna win this war !
-It may change our situation, we'll see that.

Later, the Jedi High Council met. There were Obi-Wan Kenobi, Mace Windu, Plo Koon in hologram, Adi Gallia, Eeth Koth in hologram, Coleman Kcaj in hologram, Yoda, Ki-Adi Mundi in hologram, Shaak Ti in hologram, Saesee Tiin in hologram and Kit Fisto.
-We have to keep an eye on the chancelor, I don't like what he's doing, Mace said.
-I agree but we have to be careful, Obi-Wan added worried.
-Yes, careful … about our last defeats in this war we have to talk, Yoda said slowly.
-You're right. We cannot let Rhen Var in the separatists hands. Obi-Wan, you will go there with Anakin to take the control of this planet, Windu ordered.
-Alright, Obi-Wan answered.
-With the new clones we may be able to continue the battle on Arkonne III, Ki-Adi proposed.
-Only with new clones. I propose to send Ahsoka with some troops on Varn, our spies reported that the separatists had underwater factories there, Plo Koon said.
-I agree, we will do this. Three new battlefronts, Mace added.
-And what about the situation on Altora ? Tiin asked.
-The situation is stable but the battle is far from the end, Koth answered.

The separatist council was in a meeting room with the hologram of Dooku.
-The Republic is going to buy new clones as a consequence we have to continue our assaults. We captured recently Rhen Var, Arkonne III, Anoat, Varn, Quarzite, Dantooine, we can do more ! Dooku declared.
-Yes and what we are going to do with Quarzite ? Gunray asked.
-New factories. Our next objectives are to capture Fondor and Altora where we will build again Subjugator-class heavy cruisers like the Malevolence but this time they will be stronger than the previous ones, Dooku said by smiling.
-The Republic will fear us, we were strong with one Malevolence we will be stronger with many Subjugator-class heavy cruisers, Wat Tambor added by laughing.
-Indeed and this time we won't loose them, Dooku declared.
-How many of them do you want ? San asked.
-It will take months to make.
-It's not a problem, Dooku added by ending the conversation.

Eeth Koth was his commander Skar in front of a AT-TE.
-Your scouts are back ?
-Yes general. The droids are gathering in a town at one hundred miles from here, Skar answered.
-We have to take this town commander Skar, all the troops have to move toward this town, the jedi ordered.
-Immediately sir.

Six Banking Clan frigates, three Trade Federation battleships came out of the hyperspace. The admiral Mar Tuuk was on the bridge of his battleship.
-Commander ! Send our bombers on the planet ! Tuuk ordered.
-Roger, roger admiral.
Forty Hyena bombers came out of the Trade Federation battleships. They reached the planet and bombarded the capital and did the same thing for other cities. The commander droid gave the information to Mar Tuuk.
-Excellent … now send a landing ship on the Republic outpost ! the neimoidian ordered.
-Why we don't send bombers ?
-Because every Republic outpost has a shield !
The Trade Federation Landing ship reached the outpost and dropped two battalions of battle droids.
Inside the outpost, the clones were ready for the battle, they were in the hall. Weel joined his group.
-Sergeant, my mission is done, I contacted the Jedi Temple, Weel declared.
-And what did they say ? the sergeant Thur asked.
-They said that they don't have available troops for us. They propose to evacuate the outpost.
-But we don't have ships here ! Load exclaimed.
-I know Load and if the droids are here, they have already captured the cities, Thur answered.
Suddenly the doors of the outpost exploded and the droids entered.
-Kill them ! Thur shouted.
The clones fired on the droids.

Ten AT-TE and eight stun tanks were around the town with four hundred clones. Eeth Koth was with Skar and Lock.
-We can give the assault now. Send first the AT-RT ! Koth ordered.
-Yes general, Lock said.
Twenty AT-RT came out of the AT-TE and charged at the town. The OG-9 Homing spider droids fired on them.
-Charge ! Koth shouted.
He lead his troops in the town. The AT-TE were behind them. The AT-RT were destroying the spider droids. Skar saw two battalions of super battle droids.
-General, look ! the clone shouted by showing the battalions.
-Come with me, we'll take care of them ! the jedi answered.
The jedi jumped around the droids and cut three of them. Skar joined him with ten clones. Skar was using two DC-17 hand blasters. Lock was in another part of the town with a group of twenty clones, they were fighting a battalion of battle droids. The AT-TE entered in town and fired on the AAT which attacked them. The spider droids had destroyed four of the AT-RT. A spider droid fired on the legs of an AT-RT, the AT-RT driver survived and ran toward this droid. He climbed on a leg of the spider droid, took a grenade and put it on the middle of the droid. He jumped of the droid which exploded. Three droid gunships appeared in the town and destroyed an AT-TE. Lock saw them and he contacted the stun tanks.
-Stun tanks, it's time to attack, you have to destroy those droid gunships ! the captain ordered.
-We're on your way captain, one of the pilot of stun tank answered.

The sergeant Thur received a shot in the head by a battle droid in a corridor of the outpost.
-Sergeant ! Weel cried.
-Run ! Load shouted.
Load, Weel and four other clones ran in the corridor behind them there were ten battle droids and three destroyer droids. They passed a door and in front of them, there were four commando droids.
-We surrender ! Load shouted.

The stun tanks were in the town and destroying the droid gunships. Eeth Koth warded off some droid shots, then he cut an arm of a super battle droid and cut another one in half. Five sniper commando droids were in a building and killed three clones, Eeth Koth saw them and turned toward Skar.
-Eliminate them !
-Immediately sir.
Skar contacted the jetpack squad.
-Jetpack troopers, we need you here ! Skar ordered.
-We're coming, one of the clone said.
Four jetpack troopers got out of an AT-TE and joined the position of the zabrak jedi. They used their jetpacks to reach the building, they fell on balcony where the droids were. The clones destroyed the sniper droids. A droid gunship crashed on the building in front of them, the building fell down in the middle of the battlefield which killed some clones and destroyed some droids and AAT. Koth's comlink rang.
-What is happening admiral ? the jedi asked.
-General the separatists attack us !
-What ? Koth asked surprised.
-Yes general … there is a separatist … fleet, our … communications are not … good …
The communication ended. Eeth Koth ran toward Skar.
-Commander Skar, the droids have reinforcements, Eeth Koth declared.
-What we're gonna do general ?
-We have to fight, we don't have the choice, the separatists are destroying our fleet … we are alone in this battle, the jedi answered calmly.
Six landing ships arrived in the air escorted by ten vulture droids, they landed in front of the town and released MTT and AAT. Lock joined Skar and Koth.
-Captain Lock, you continue to fight the separatists in the town. Me and Skar will take care of the reinforcements.
-Yes, general, Lock answered.
Three battalions of super battle droids arrived with six battalions of battle droids.
-Attack ! Skar ordered.
Skar and his troops charged at the droids. Koth cut many battle droids. The AT-TE fired on the upcoming AAT. Two other battalions of battle droids arrived with one battalion of commando droids. In the sky, there were three other landing ships.
-We don't have a chance general, Skar said.
-There's always hope, the Force is with us ! Koth added.
Many clones were killed. On Lock's side, the situation was the same. The separatists surrounded the town. New droid gunships arrived and fired on the AT-TE which exploded. Ten AAT entered in the town and fired everywhere. A commando droid killed Lock by shooting him three times. Only Eeth Koth, Skar and twenty clones were still alive, they were surrounded by battle droids and super battle droids. They stopped firing on them and Lok Durd got out of his AAT.
-You should surrender jedi, Lok Durd said.
-We surrender, Koth declared.

Mace Windu and Yoda were in the chamber of the High Council when Kit Fisto joined them.
-We've just received the information that Eeth Koth has been captured on Altora, Fisto declared.
-To save him we have, Yoda said slowly.
-Where is he ? Mace asked.
-Our spies told us that they think the separatist will send him on the space prison of Almarik, the prison lead by an aqualish.

The separatist council was in communication with count Dooku.
-Fondor and Altora had been captured count Dooku, we can begin the construction of the factories for the Subjugator-class heavy cruisers, Wat Tambor declared.
-Yes, yes, Dooku said by smiling.

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